Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Welcome to Zombie-land AKA My Life

So the last time you guys heard from me I was a measly 18 weeks pregnant - guess what though - I'm done with that shit. That's right, the tadpole turned into a human and is now out & about in the world. Earlier than expected too - a whopping 8 weeks early to be exact.

I'm not going to write a "birth story" because I'm way too lazy and I'd probably fall asleep in the middle of it so I'll just wrap it up for y'all -
  • went to 32 week routine appointment at 9am on a Friday. Was told my (something I cant recall) levels were high and needed to head to hospital OB department for observation.
  • checked in for observation by 1pm and was in a crappy blue gown and sporting an IV and catheter by 3pm.
  • got a major headache that wouldn't go away for hours and by 11pm the doctor said "you've got preeclampsia and the baby will probably come out this weekend"and started me on steroids to help the babies lungs.  
  • by Saturday night I could barely open my eyes due to said headache so they decided the baby had to come out NOW! And by 10pm she was screaming her head off in the NICU.

As of today, Abby is 10 weeks 4 days old and whopping 9 lbs 0.6 oz (far from her 3 lb birth weight). She's the most amazing little person - even her screams for boobie milk are like angels singing - she has an attitude like her mamma and her daddy's big 'ol head. In other words, she's fucking perfect. 

Me? I'm tired. Exhausted. Zombie like. And you know what? I wouldn't trade it for the biggest batch of gummy bears. 

I'm not sure how often I'll post on here, shit, it took me almost 6 months to write this post, but I'm sure I'll be on here every now and then because I need a venting spot. Who knew having a kid would cause so much tension in a marriage and cause your parents to practically move in to your 1 bedroom apartment? Seriously, they won't fucking leave. Help!

Also, my tatas hurt - when she cries, when she's hungry, when she stares at me...I'm starting to think this little girl has taken over everything in my life...everything, including sleep. 

I really should've taken longer naps while she was in the belly. Stupid, stupid me.


  1. i literally only checked blogger today because i thought of you and was wondering if you posted. damn i'm good. :)

    congrats on the tiny dictator. she will continue to take over everything in your life...but you're right, its pretty fucking awesome.


  2. Congratulations! Welcome to the world Abby!

  3. GIRL. It changes everything, marriage included! When I pray, I pray that I'm nicer to Chris. When you're that tired and frustrated you take it out on whoever is closest to you...usually the boy you live with. It happens!
    And she is a little doll baby!

  4. Congratulations, she looks beautiful.


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