Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

1. True Blood: Sooo damn underwhelming. The only thing that's made it bearable is the fact fucking Tara is dead. YES!

2. Hot damn, these women did not age. Still totally do-able.

3. Our IUI #2 went well last weekend; should know on 7/7 if the swimmers broke in the fortress. *fingers crossed* If it doesn't happen, then we begin our 4th cycle and start daily injections vs a few a month. Fun times. Like everyone says, it's not about "if" it'll happen, it's about "when". #staypositive

4. Speaking of staying positive - there's nothing better than getting together with great friends who'll totally have your back when it comes to life. I met up with my fave girls, Shelley & Simone, on Friday for lunch and finally got to meet their precious baby boys! No lie, I was tempted to take one home with me. But then I realized that's against the law. Boo.

5. I'm now tempted to leave one of these notes on my car if I ever have to leave Gigi in the car for 2 mins. I mean, my car starts remotely - including a/c, so I suppose it'd be ok if I just have to run in to the gas station to pee or something...right?
NOTE: I'm totally against leaving an animal and/or child in a hot car.

6. We have zero plans for 4th of July and I'm totally alright with that.

7. I love her but, "in yo face biatch!" The look on her face is epic.

8. I think this little girl stole my warning letter. Also, I want to be here friend.

9. SPOILER: Gone Girl - Finally read the damn thing and guess what? I was not pleased. The ending was a let down and that psycho bitch should have gotten was coming to her, which was Nick's hands around her damn neck until she was truly "Gone Girl". There were (very few) times when I felt sorry for her and I kept yelling, you're both morons - just leave each other! The movie debuts in October & even though I won't be running to the theaters, I'll definitely be downloading RedBox-ing it.

10. Awww, look at the LITTLE puppy!


  1. 1. I've loved Geena since A League of Their Own.
    3. Love the hashtag. But yes! Not IF. WHEN!
    5. Hahaha! The dog likes Creedence.
    7. She's hot.
    8. hahaha. Cute.
    9. I have GOT to read this book!!
    10. I can't imagine something that big walking around my house!
    Always happy to have you link up!

  2. Agghhhh.... Someone else who has finished 'Gone Girl.' So, they are both insane and Nick is a moron. However, I sort of liked the ending. They are not happily, ever after.... I just felt like Nick was biding his time and would eventually get himself and his son out of that crazy bitch's grasp.

  3. I still haven't read Gone Girl. I love the dog & friend note lol.

  4. 1. I haven't watched the new episodes yet. But that does not sound promising!
    2. Good job, girls.
    3. Fingers crossed!
    6. Sometimes having no plans is the best thing to do.
    10. Aww. I want such a little puppy too!

  5. I didn't love the ending of Gone Girl, but the writing had me sucked in right away. I've never had a book like that before. I'm curious to see how the movie is written. I've heard they were thinking about changing the ending. I sorta hope they don't do that. What's next on your reading list?

  6. Har! That note is awesome! Good luck with IVF, stay positive!

  7. I'm so glad Tara is finally dead. Relieved. And I have to catch up on Gone Girl, or I just won't and watch the movie only. Easier I guess. Haha

  8. Ummm how do they look like that 23 years later?!?


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