Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

1. It's almost Friday and the anticipation for either peeing on a pregnancy stick and getting a positive (*fingers crossed*) or knowing shark week is coming, is killing me.

2. I'm not a patient person. *see #1 & #3

3. We're going to San Fran in August! And as if that wasn't cool enough, we're actually going because my BFF Em's gonna be in town too! So damn excited. It's been about 2 years since I last saw her; I need my Em fix. Also, we're taking G & our dog sitter with us...I know, we're insane dog owners.

4. My life's gotten so boring lately. Shit, even I wouldn't be friends with me right now. All I'm currently about is my dog, work, books and getting knocked up. Oh yeah...and somewhere in there is time with Rusty. Poor dude always gets left out.

5. There's something about filling out customer surveys that I find so enjoyable. I just spent the last 20 minutes carefully filling out a Kaiser survey about my last visit for the IUI. Good thing for them I'm in a good mood today.

6. Why are people still talking about Kim & Kayne's wedding? There a SO many people I'd happily have shipped off this planet to just not have to see another fucking picture of their funky mugs on a magazine cover.

7. Fact: Del Taco has the best strawberry lemonade. For real.

8. Speaking of beverages...Gigi loves her Starbucks Puppuccino's.

Puppaccino: just a small cup of whipped cream.
Don't worry, she didn't eat the whole thing...just half. Hello, wired little dog.

9. I bought myself a new summer dress at Target over the weekend. I felt guilty buying a little piece of spandex/cotton for $20 but then I remembered that most of my wardrobe consists of jeans & tshirts and since summer's technically here I convinced myself it was a totally justified purchase.

If you've got a little spare tire(s), this dress/pattern hides it really well. I know firsthand.
10. Anyone seen this movie? I really want to see it!


  1. I really love that dress! My fingers are crossed that you get a BFP!!

  2. I love the dress, though I'm hoping that will be 20$ out the window because you will be be knocked up and too big to wear it;)

  3. 1. Fingers crossed that the result is what you want.

    2. I'm not really, either.

    3. Yay!

    4. There's nothing wrong with being a little boring sometimes.

    6. Seriously? Who cares?

    8. I've got to get Melody one of those!

    9. Cute!

  4. 1. Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for you!
    6. LOL. Conan.
    8. Awww! So cute!!
    9. Spend that $20 on spandex!! Ugh. Now I want to go to Target.

  5. I'm crossing my fingers for you!! And have fun in SF--it will be so awesome, I'm sure. Take lots of pictures for us! I think you totally deserve the dress, it is summer after all, and it's super cute!

  6. 1. That type of anticipation is a killer! *fingers crossed* for you!
    3. Yay for vacation!
    8. I had no idea Starbucks had Puppaccinos! That's awesome! My dog would love it!
    9. Target is an addiction of mine. Never feel guilty! :-)

  7. 1. no shark week. no shark week!
    6. Did you happen to see the hilarious article in the NY Post re: that wedding, titled, "two jackasses got married today" - Most.awesome.article.ever.
    Happy Vacation!

  8. 1. Fingers crossed!
    2. I am not patient at all!
    3. That is so fantastic! Have fun!
    4. Doesn't sound too bad for me. :)
    5. Uh, I hate those. :)
    6. I give them 6 months!
    8. such a sweetheart! Aww!
    9. That is a fantastic dress! Looking for a new dress as well!
    10. Never heard of it before!
    Have a good week!


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