Thursday, May 22, 2014

Try, Try Again...

I'ts the first time I've read that quote and I'm already a huge fan.

Lately my life's been all about "trying". Freakin' baby making is tough when your body isn't working as it should. I always knew I walked to the beat of my own drum but had no idea my lady bits had a drum on of their own. Bitch.

So as you may have guessed...I'm not housing a bun in my oven. Our first attempt, using Clomid and Menapur and doing the deed didn't do the job so we've moved on to the next step. No waiting around and trying that shit again, we're going for the gold...quickly. We all know these eggs ain't getting any younger.

It was IUI time.

As soon as I realized it was shark week & I wasn't pregnant, I called the doctor and they started me on Clomid (2 pills, 50 mg a day for 5 days) and Menapur (some dosage I don't remember, on the 6th day). I went in on Monday, found out I had 3 eggs - one big one, two not so big one's, and was told to do my HCG injection that night.

I went back in to the office yesterday and completed the IUI procedure. It was a lot quicker than expected - like 20 minutes in total. Had a bit of cramping/spotting afterwards but luckily I opted to take the day off so I just went home and passed out for a few hours. Of course, Gigi kept me company. Damn, I love that lil dog.

Sorry, back to the baby issue. Doc said Rusty has fantastic swimmers (like in the 90% - which is fan-fucking-tastic). So, I should know by June 6 if the procedure worked and I'm pregnant. *fingers crossed* - again.

I'm excited, much like the last time around, and not allowing myself to think about the possibility of this not working. If you send positive energy into the universe it'll give it back, right? At least I hope that's how it works...I've been holding doors and giving bums money too, just in case.

The doctor warned me not to take a pregnancy test before the 6th because I'd get a false reading - I don't think she understands just how hard it is for me to wait for anything. Ugh.

The wait is on. And, I promise to keep you all updated on whether or not it's a hit or a miss the second time around.


  1. Sending good vibes your way!!! <3

  2. Positive thoughts coming your way!

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed again, and sending you good vibes:)

  4. Sending out good energy and asking the Universe, hey...go easy on Lin, ok? Also, seriously...the whole trying not to pee on a stick, made me nuts. Good thing they're so crazy expensive...until I found out the Dollar store sells them. AGH!! No seriously, stay away.

  5. Fingers crossed! I hope you get the positive!!

  6. Fingers crossed! Sending lots of good vibes!

  7. Sending lots of good energy your way!!!!

  8. Good karma & energy & thoughts of donuts (because uh, yum) are heading your way!

  9. ugh. hang in there!!!! will be sending up good vibes for ya

  10. Fingers crossed! Only 5 more days left :)


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