Thursday, January 16, 2014

Random Thursday: 5 Things You Didn't Know About Me...

So I've pretty much failed at this "trying to post at least 2x a week".

Meh. Mañana es un otro dia.

Truth is, I'm not so sure there's anything you guys don't already know about me. I've had this blog for a little over 5 years, I think, and I've said a lot of crap on here. Probably more than I should have. Anyway, I'll spout a few things out and if you've heard them before then just pretend you haven't.

1.  I'd never watched Bones before yesterday. And, now I'm hooked.

2. I treat my dog, Gigi like a baby. For real, I'm that annoying ass dog owner. Yeah the one even I sometimes roll my eyes at.

3. I hate the sound of snow crunching under shoes. Hence why I live in SoCal - did you know it was 86 degrees today? Fucking insane for mid January.

4. French toast topped with strawberries is my absolute favorite breakfast. I tried making it once - probably the worst thing I've ever made though. Thank goodness for Farmer Boys breakfast all day menu. 

5. I'm a super loyal friend but my only fault is I'm a pretty lazy one when it comes to sticking with plans.

* * * * * * * *

Join the fun & share some things about yourself. Really, we want to know.

Next week's topic: My Favorite Snack Food...


  1. 2. I'm that dog owner too. They have a way...

    3. I'm in the Midwest and not a fan of that either.

  2. I started Bones really late as well but I think I watched all seasons in a couple of weeks. Love that show so much. I am addicted.
    I think you treat your dog the way I treat my pets. :)

  3. I knew it, you have become a doggy mommy, I remember telling you that you would be when you first got Gigi... I just never expected you to admit it:)

  4. I'm 'that owner' when it comes to my cats, too! I've watched random episodes of Bones on and off--I love Brennan.

  5. I've watched random episodes of Bones, but I do really like it! I'm just bad at KEEPING UP with new episodes of shows. haha

    My family treats my dog like a baby. She kind of acts like one too though.


  6. I'm guilty of begin a lazy friend too.

    And snow crunching under feet totally bugs me. Especially in Alaska: it was so cold, it'd squeak…shudder..


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