Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

1. At 30 years old I still can't manage to get a spoonful of yogurt into my mouth. I'm now sitting here with a big ass yogurt stain on the top of my blouse. Lame.

2. Love this.

3. At least 3x a day I think, "ha, that'd be so awesome to blog about!" but then immediately hear a stupid little voice in my head say "no one wants to read about that, dummy"...and that's why it's been a dead zone up in here.

4. Dear Walking Dead, stop with the Governor storytelling. I don't give a shit and it literally bores me to sleep. I want to see more killing, drama, a bow & arrow wielding Darryl and less pussy-like Rick. Seriously, where's that dudes balls? They're as dead as his ho-bag wife, Laurie.

5. This used to be me. Now, I'm up by 730am on a weekend. It's bullshit and I'm definitely not fond of this new internal clock of mine.

6. The MIL is staying with us for this week (maybe longer) until she gets word of where she'll be living for the next 3 months of her hospital contract. So far all is good. I haven't wanted to shove her in the closet and lock it but then again it's only been 2 days.

7. Word. I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet and as much as I wanted to start on Black Friday, that's not gonna happen. My (empty) wallet had other plans...wuah wuah wuah. On the plus side, I get to finally start decorating!

8. If you've already seen "Catching Fire" I hate you. No I dont, that's just the jealousy talking. I must get to the theater at some-point this weekend.

9. Thanksgiving dinner is being hosted at our apartment this year. Am I cooking? Fuck no! I ordered a giant Thanksgiving dinner cause there's no way in hell I was going to spend all day cooking and then have to deal with my family. No. Way.

10. I can't wait to place my Christmas card order this weekend. I'm really excited since we took goofy pictures over the weekend just for the card haha. If you want me to send one your way just fill out the form below.*

 *See how considerate I am, I'm not even sharing your address with possible stalkers. That's love, yo.


  1. #4. YES! I was telling Chris "I don't CARE about his personal growth!!" I can't wait for next week though.
    #6. You're a bigger woman than me.
    #9. I don't blame you. I'm bringing corn casserole and green beans to our shindig.
    #10. Done!

  2. I ordered a Thanksgiving dinner, too. I'm 39 weeks pregnant and too lazy/tired to spend all day cooking, lol.

  3. That is so cool about India!
    I need to see more Daryl again! I mean, Walking Dead without Daryl action is just stupid! Miss him!
    You really send me a Christmas card?! :)

  4. Ugh screw my internal clock I loathe it!

    #3 YES! I would blow up my blog if I actually went through with all those "I could blog about this" moments.

    I am not cooking nor hosting! I bought my pies and went to have a mani/pedi lol

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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