Thursday, November 14, 2013

Random Thursday: It's Just How I Was Raised...

Tomorrow's Friday and it's another day closer to Black Friday...woohoo! Not that I'm saying I'll be waiting in line for a good deal at 1am but I will for sure be heading to the stores as soon as I'm up from my Ham & Turkey coma.

(Almost) Everything Can Be Replaced
It was only my younger brother and I for 10 years before my second bro came into the picture so we were spoiled beyond belief. Seriously, I used to (and still do) get just about anything I asked for. If something broke, it wasn't a big deal cause I'd just get another one. It's just a "thing" after all. Sadly, I still think this way. Rusty on the other hand, he saves, takes care and cherishes everything because he's a bit of a hoarder he wasn't as spoiled. Yeah, there are a few arguments because of this.

Spend It 'Cause You Might Not Be Here Tomorrow
This totally explains why I have zero moola in my savings account. Actually, that's not true, I have $5 in there because the bank makes me. Back to my story - my dad is all about living for today and not worrying about tomorrow because you might not even be alive to enjoy it; my mom is not. Conflict much? Definitely. So now that I'm all an "adult", there's this side of me that's organized and always on budget but then the other side is like "fuck this, spend that cash yo, you might not even wake up tomorrow!"...that side wins a lot more often than the responsible one :/

Where One Can Eat, Two Can
That was a saying my grandma used to use whenever someone would say, "there's not enough". Because of this, I'm a sharer...even when all I want to do is gobble it up all on my own. Growing up watching & helping my grandma feed the homeless and my mom help clothes/shelter the less fortunate so it's not wonder I'm all about giving when it's possible. Like this year, things have been so good that Rusty & I are "adopting a family" for Christmas. Yay for giving!

Respect Your Elders
Old people are cool. Grumpy, but still cool, so lets respect them. Thanks for the advice, parents! This has gotten me lot a lot of nice denture filled smiles.

I could probably go on and on about how I was raised to listen to nothing but Spanish dancing music while you clean (it gets you in the upbeat mood), eat refried beans, chili and tortillas with just about everything, and that every birthday party, even a kids, must have alcohol involved (for the parents, of course), but I'll stop because I don't want you guys to die of laughter or disbelief.

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  1. oh my goodness, loved this post. Can I tell you that I seriously didn't know what bread was until I started going to Pre-K. PB&J tortillas anyone?!

  2. Haha, the last one made me laugh because David always tells me that I get along with elderly people a lot better than with younger ones. Which isn't true but I just show them some respect and that is why they usually like me a lot. :)

  3. I love that your family raised you to help other people. That's so cool that you're adopting a family for the holidays :)

  4. I love your #2 (Spend It 'Cause You Might Not Be Here Tomorrow). I wish I was more like that. And I promise to be a better blog reading friend.


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