Thursday, November 7, 2013

Random Thursday: I Can't Resist Buying...

 I had to put myself in check when putting this post together because I could go on and on listing random and dumb things I continue to spend my money on. Don't judge.

                  Can't Resist Buying

1. Yarn: There's SO damn much of this laying around my apartment. I think I need an intervention. But only after I finish using what I have.

2. Boots: They're just too damn cute to pass up. No lie, 90% of my Amazon wishlist is boots haha. Wonder what's gonna be under the Christmas tree this year...?

3. Flats: Refer to #2, without judging.

4. Haribo Gummy Bears: Get in mah belly! I have to pick some of these suckers up every time I'm at Walmart (they're cheaper there).

5. Food Magazines: I like to think I'll get my Betty Homemaker on so I buy tons of these. Sometimes, I make one little thing out of the the giant magazine but whatever, my intention was real.

6. Nail Polish: I blame the adorable colors for reeling me in. I don't know why I keep spending money on this shit, I don't even paint my nails because it never lasts more than a few hours. Total bust.

Ok, now you share! For real, link up below and tell us what  you just can resist buying.

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Next week's topic: It's How I Was Raised...


  1. I'm probably need an intervention when it comes to yarn and gummibears.

  2. how come we cant post links until the 13? lol...

    1. Yeah...that's because I'm a moron and grabbed the wrong linky code haha. It's all fixed now tho :)

    2. haha i thought i was drunk or something...

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  4. I'm a polish junkie too! I can't help it, the pretty colors call my name like a Siren. :)

  5. Nail polish and lip gloss. And then I hardly use either. It's shameful.

  6. I'm addicted to buying books...even though I have a million at home that I still need to read, I just HAVE to keep getting more. haha

  7. I have more nail polish than I will ever need. And I love shoes. Can't resist a cool pair of shoes! I am also a huge fan of food magazines. I need inspiration!

  8. Yarn and nail polish. Yes. Also you'll never use up the yarn you have. THAT'S THE WHOLE PROBLEM.

    I need new boots :(


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