Thursday, November 28, 2013

Random Thursday: Fave Things To Do When Home Alone...

If you're in the states: Happy Thanksgiving! Have fun putting yourself in a food coma tonight. 
Everyone else: At least it's almost Friday...

Being home alone is a thing of the past since Gigi came into our lives. That little dog is suffering from some major velro syndrome when it comes to me. I can't even pee without her company (inside or outside the bathroom) anymore. Goodbye privacy. On the plus side, I never get lonely.

Ok, back to the subject...whenever I'm home without any other humans around I like to do a few {boring} things ->

Watch mind-numbing TV. Don't judge, this is a hilarious show. Although I wish they would've killed of fat ass there, instead of Brian. Oops...spoiler alert.
Crochet. I never in my life thought this would be something I'd be so into but I am and it's so damn relaxing. I currently have a box full of crocheted scarves that I have not intention of using but will most likely end up donating to the local thrift store.

Cleaning. It's a bitch and I hate it but I somehow manage to always end up doing it when I'm bored or home alone. Damn you, mom! *shakes fist*
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Your turn to tell us what you do when your home alone. Link up below.

Next week's topic: Books Everyone Should Read...


  1. Sounds just like my days home alone, plus if I'm the only one having dinner I will eat nachos with lots of cheddar... My husband don't consider nachos dinner, I don't get it!

  2. Haha, I absolutely know what you mean. My cats also follow me into the bathroom...every time! No privacy there!
    And I agree about the cleaning things!
    I really need to learn how to crochet!

  3. I do my best cleaning when I am home alone and the music is blasting! The TV thing rings a bell too =D

  4. Sometimes I clean when I'm bored too! It usually leads into me rearranging furniture. PS--FG seriously pissed me off. They better fix that shit.


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