Friday, November 8, 2013

I Made A Wish...Out My Bum

It's in my nature to be dramatic but this time the title totally fits as I would have willingly & happily melted into the floor, a la Wicked Witch of the West.

See, a few weeks ago, I farted - at work - in front of 2 male co-workers. I was on my way back to my office from the printer that's right next to their desks and what I'd hoped would be a burp went south.

It still hurts my soul to remember it.

If I'm at home I let those fuckers fly like kites but at work...never*.

Truth is it wasn't like some giant fart that shook the walls, it was rather teeny but when everyone's hard at work on their computers and there isn't any noise around except for people inhaling and exhaling, it sounded like bomb went off.

Dude's were nice enough to either ignore it or not mention it in my presence. Lord knows if the shoe was on the other foot I'd of laughed and laughed and probably pointed (that's what I do when I laugh really hard) because farts are hilarious, except when they're coming out of you, of course.

So yeah, work's been great. My body on the other hand is trying really damn hard to ruin my pristine lady like reputation.

*only in my office. most of the time.


  1. Ack! How embarrassing. At least they don't mention it in front of you. I would die.

  2. How mortifying!! That's happened to me...in front of a patient...when I went to pick him up. He laughed ans I felt awful lol

  3. HA! Oh Lin. I needed the laugh today. The silver lining to being a preschool teacher is that someone is always farting. I can blame one of the kids.

  4. Lol OH NO! I agree with Cindy at least they ignored it....

  5. Argh! But it's so funny that you're sharing it here. I bet the guys found it great (and not at all embarrassing) because guys still think that farts are great ;-)

  6. hahaha I love this so much. And the saying at the beginning just sets it up so nicely. I needed a laugh - new follower whit from Raspy Wit


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