Thursday, October 17, 2013

Random Thursday: A Random Fact That Blew My Mind...

Does something look a bit different? No, Meg* did not go blonde & change her name...we have a new co-host. 

Everyone, meet the lovely fraulein, Katrin. If there are two things you must know about this girl it's that she's fucking fabulous and she's from Germany. I know, totally rad. So yeah, go on over & share the love.

Thanks to Rusty and the constant "Did you know" random facts he spews on a daily basis, you will not be getting just ONE mind blowing fact. Nope. Not up in here.

Rusty read this fact to me last week & I immediately asked him to take a screenshot of it for me. Too cool not to save. And as a new dog owner, it's awfully good to know.

Um...can you say "awesome!" I mean, not for people on Earth who'll most likely be dead but for Saturn, yeah, awesome.

Dear everyone, please feel free to make me a "laughing heir"

And here we were blaming the "ghetto"
True dat - at least around here it is.
Whaaat?! Ok - everyone, except the stupid people, laugh a little harder today.

* * * *

Join in on the fun & write your own fun Random Thursday post. Come on, share those cool random facts with us!


  1. I did not know ANY of these things. Oh, except for the housework one. Which I'm not sure is actually scientific fact, but if it's a myth, it's a myth we wanna spread. Right? ;) You can thank Rusty for making me a little bit smarter.

  2. Thank you so much for the warm welcome, Lin! :) It means a lot! And your facts rock!

  3. That housework one is DEFINITELY true!!!! lol

  4. Good thing I have you to make me laugh!! ;)


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