Thursday, October 31, 2013

Random Thursday: Let's Get Spooky! Halloween Faves...

Halloween? What? Oh, that's today? Hm...guess the constant costume tweets and lame work emails saying "Happy Halloween!" should've been a dead giveaway.

Just kidding. Of course my ass knew what today was...I've been counting down the days til I can open and that giant bag of candy & steal some of it. Yes, I'm a grown up and bought it but I like to mind fuck myself into self control.

Um...mother fucking C-A-N-D-Y

It's around all year long. I buy a chocolate bar almost every payday but for some reason, it just tastes so much better on Halloween.

Kids in kick ass costumes

Stay home with your boring costumes kiddos (just kidding, you're uber cute too!) and show me something awesome.

The "Monster Mash"

Listening to this song on Halloween is a must for me. I even dance to it, side to side, like I'm mashing potatoes with my feet haha.

Hope you guys have a fun Halloween! Pass out candy, or don't, but if you do, don't poison them or put razor blades in it...that's not cool yo.

* * * * * *

Next week's topic: I Can't Resist Buying...


  1. Love Halloween!!! Candy really is better on today. :)

  2. That song is awesome! I have never heard about it! I love to learn new things about Halloween....I really missed out as a kid! Those costumes are awesome! I want to dress up like that too!

  3. I love the Breaking Bad costume! Happy Halloween, dear!

  4. Since Halloween isn't a big thing in Denmark, but it's getting bigger, I had forgotten it was today, so the first thing my husband said when I got home was "did you know today is Halloween, do you know how many kids I had to tell that we didn't have any candy?" I guess we are now known as the "cheap" house:)

  5. Candy really does taste better on Halloween! And now I'll have that song stuck in my head all day :D

  6. No razor blades??? That's no fun at all. :(

    We got NO trick-or-treaters this year.. such a huge blah!

  7. The cabbage patch baby just KILLS me.


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