Thursday, October 24, 2013

Random Thursday: Fave Things To Do In Fall...

Wow the week sure does go by quickly. How in the hell is it already Thursday? Not that I'm not excited about my work week only being mere hours away from being over but I had serious plans to post about non-important shit on here...oh well, there's always next week.

Now on to the fun stuff...

Fall has to be one, if not my favorite, season of the year. The cool mornings, the fog but no rain and the clothes...oh man, the warm clothes. Love that shit.

1. Crocheting
Sitting on my comfy couch with the windows open and balls of yarn (perv) around me is the best. Not only do they keep me warm but they also keep Gigi entertained as she thinks she's a cat.

Sometims I get bored & start crocheting little things...like a pink & gray bow dog collar for my sensitive diva dog.

2. Sporting warm sweaters and scarfs
'Nuff said. Also, I look adorable.

3. Drinking hot chocolate topped w/marshmallows
I was never much of a hot chocolate drinker until the MIL made Rusty some and I stole a taste (*cough* the entire cup *cough*). This lady is straight up talented at making plain old powdered chocolate taste like it something sent from the chocolaty heavens.

4. Foggy morning dog walks
I fucking hate mornings, especially early ones, but if I have to be up to take the dog out I'm just glad it's nice & cool outside. There's nothing worse than stepping 10 feet outside the door at 6am and already having sweaty pits.

* * * * *


  1. I love that you crocheted a collar for Gigi! :) Looks so cool! I really need to learn how to do this. And I want to adopt a dog so badly! And another cat. :)

  2. I love foggy mornings! And that dog collar is adorable.

  3. Gigi is so stylin'! I agree on scarves and warm clothes and blankets in general. Abuelita! One of my favourite things EVER. No need for marshmallows. It's perfect on its own. YUM. And now I want hot chocolate.


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