Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lets Catch Up...

Fuck, it's been forever since I've been on here. Yeah, seems like I start every other post this way now a days. What a bust.

Things are great. Kinda. I mean, they could always be better, right? If my life was a cup full of awesomeness, you could technically say it's about 90% full.

So I've got a lot of things going on in my brain that I want to jot down...guess that wouldnt happen if I would post more often, huh? Whatevs, I'm all about moving forward so lets do it ->

  • The baby making train has been in full mode around these parts. Guess my mama instinct went into hyper-drive when Gigi came into the house and now I'm aching...yes, "aching" for a kid. Still no luck though. 
  • On that note, sex isn't fun when it's always being planned. Also, your husband doesn't like it when you tell him he can't choke the chicken for a few days cause you need him to keep a reserve. TMI...?
  • Gigi is fucking awesome. I now get why other dog owners are always posting thousands of annoying pictures of their dogs. Mine's still WAY cooler though.
  • I'm still loving my job. Sounds crazy that I can even say that. She wants a baby AND she loves her job?! WTF?
  • Why are the holidays almost here? Seriously, I'm not the least bit ready. No early Christmas shopping for this girl, she's still a payment behind on her car :/
  • Yeah, I'm totally guilty of overspending and "forgetting" to make a very important payment.
  • Rusty & I set up a 3 year plan. Or at least an idea of a plan. Ok...we talked about where we want to be in the next few year. Say it with me, "no more credit card debt".
  • This girl's currently fighting a dry cough & congestion...it fucking suck. No other signs of sickness means no one pity's you.
  • I need to buy rain boots. Cute ones. CHEAP ones. Remember, I'm behind a car payment.

Alright, so now that we've caught up you'll probably wind up missing me even more...lucky for your awesome face I'm always blogging with Em on our blog, L & M

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  1. Your dog really is fucking awesome. I am so in love! I am excited to hear about the baby making!

  2. You've been missed, honey! I'm glad to hear that you still like your job and you guys are thinking of a family. I'll agree, Gigi seems really awesome, but I'm partial to my little Melody. :)

  3. I knew it, soon you will be Gigi's mama:)

  4. Good luck on the baby thing. Haha, kinda TMI but you gotta do what you gotta do! Your dog is beautiful!!

    I like to get my rain boots at Target. Cute and relatively cheap. Or you could check Ross/Marshalls.


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