Monday, September 16, 2013

They're Passing Up On Millions

Did you hear Arsenio Hall got a new talk show? Not to mention that nobody housewife or something, Bethany Frankel...?

Seems like they'll give just about anyone a show now. Then again, that's been evident since those tarded teens started getting knocked up AND got paid to film their disastrous life afterwards.

So yeah, I'm awesome and hilarious and snarky but no one's knocking at my door offering to give me a show. Dummies. They'd be rolling in the g-damn dough.

So until I'm "discovered" I'll have to settle for jotting my randomness - aka: awesomeness - on the web. Which brings me to one other thing...Em & I started a new blog. Yep, another blog. We sure as hell don't promise to always post but we do promise to always put a smile on your face with our bullshit.


  1. I would totally give you a show. But I have to say that I don't know the people you talk about. :) Will check out your new blog. :)

  2. Matt says I should have a show but then decides not to because most of it would be me putting him in terrible situations. Like the time I convinced him to essentially help out the cat in heat with a q-tip and it went badly, but I still took pictures and blogged it. What's disturbing is how many people google search things like, "how to rape a cat". Equally disturbing is that they find my blog, and Matt's face. bwahahahaha. (By the way- q tip method does not work.)

  3. They gave Kris Kardashian a show. What?! The network millions and the viewers precious time would be better spent watching you. I know I would. My DVR would love you. As would I.


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