Friday, September 13, 2013

Lazy Butt, Shmazy Butt

Oh hello there. It's been a while.

I know, you've missed me. It's common, cause you know, I'm just that fucking awesome.

Where have I been? Around. Traveling the world, enjoying the sites and spending my billions. Ha! I wish.

Nah, I've been working (of course) and spending lots of time with that new pup of mine. Damn girl is an attention whore - always wanting me to pet her and feed her and shit. Wowza. But it's fun and it's curbed my baby fever (a bit) so that's good.

There have been days when I've wanted to write so bad but the stuff I'd put on here would be a bit of downer since it'd be all "woe is me cause my ovaries are useless and hate me" and a few of my friends are knocked up...I'm so utterly jealous happy for them.

In real life news, I'm broke and it's almost time for Christmas shopping. Don't really know why I'm even the least bit surprised. Seems like I'm always broke as shit when the holiday's roll around. Damn you and your awesome sales Black Friday! *shakes fist*

Alright, that's all I got today. Oh, that's a lie. I've also got this lil post I wrote -> Things I Said Would Never Happen If I Had A Dog...


  1. Hey!! I was wondering where you'd got too. I'm glad you're enjoying the doggy!! I love the holidays, but yeah, that money thing is a problem.

  2. I am sorry you're having so much stress! I hope life will get better soon and I can read more about your dog. :)

  3. You can rent out my uterus. Except you're broke so that doesn't work out. I'm trying to tell Matt we should rent my uterus out because it's a good one and that could solve our money issues. But he says no because he remembers my pregnancy cravings and me making him get me ACTUAL movie theater popcorn. Daily.


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