Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. It feels weird joining in because I'm not hosting but there's a part of me that's really happy about it. So glad Alyssa's kept it going.

2. There are bigger issues but still, Ben Affleck should NOT be Batman. Nope. Fucking-never.

3. Absolutely hate that I took the day off and I was up at 7am. Guess it doesnt help that I had a freakin' pup all up in my face reminding me that she can't open the door and take herself on a morning walk. Blargh.

4.  7 years of marriage and I still ask myself this question.

5. This place is getting a new look in the next few weeks. It's time. Best of all, I found this bad ass designer (Stephanie) who doesn't rip you a new one with her design prices. Seriously, I know it's hard work but hot damn, $100 for a basic design? Fuck that shit.

6. Cold Stone ice cream...I'm craving it like a mo-fo.

7. Dogs have a fantastic sense of smell - not a good thing at all when you're trying to inconspicuously fart. They know. Oh yeah, they totally know.

8. Miley Cyrus: Go-the-fuck-away. And please stop "twerking" that flat white ass. The Smith's do not approve.

9. Finally watched the latest season of True Blood and I the truth is, it was very anticlimactic. Why is Tara still around? Sookie needs to stop opening her legs and start showing up to work. Sam sure moved on from Luna quickly, what was that, a record breaking 20 hrs? Bill...ugh, I still can't help but hope he & Sookie end up together. And Eric, I really thought that big hunk of a man would be hung like a horse but (surprise surprise) dude's pretty average :/

10. I dont know why but this totally made me laugh for like five mins straight.


  1. LOL! im craving cold stone as well. and the kitty vid at the end was priceless! ty for sharing!

  2. I don't shave unless I know I need to put on a dress to go somewhere fancy, which is like never. Sorry hubs, but I don't care! Haha. The Smith's reactions were priceless.

  3. hah love the cat gif! They do crack me up. I'm totally craving ice cream, but that happens a lot during the summer!

  4. True Blood is confusing me right now. I don't know what to think about the last season. I just want to see the next one.
    That is one awesome cat.

  5. Yes for new blog designs!

    I don't even know what to make of True Blood anymore. Sookie does need to stop being such a whore...I'm pulling for Bill!

  6. Well hello!
    1. Happy to do it. =)
    2. He struck me as an odd choice. But then again it struck me odd that Christian Bale turned down 50 million to do it.
    4. Yep!
    5. Can't wait to see it!
    7. Hahaha!
    8. You can't help but just be embarrassed for her.
    9. Have you read the books? I haven't read or watched but I've been thinking about reading them.
    10. Aw!!! haha!

    It would feel too weird to say "thanks for linking up" to you so I won't.

  7. Haha, that cat! "Give it back, it's MINE!"

  8. #2 Agreed - he already was not that awesome as Daredevil.

    #7 They do, but now you can blame your farts on the dog! ;-)

  9. Man I love your posts. Seriously. And that cat is like "gimme that, it's mine!!" Hahaha! Cold Stone is freakin delicious and I barely ever have it!

  10. Actually the Smith's family reaction was toward Gaga's bit.. which was less-scary than miley..

    I design layouts, i saw this one person who charged $3000 for a layout, i was like WTF.. not sure how people actually have the money for that kind of things, like i'll make you a layout, if you want to giveaway 3k.. makes my prices look like toilet paper money, haha

  11. Ben Affleck as a superhero - haven't we gone down this horrible road before? We just refuse to learn from our mistakes.

    I will say though there is a tiny bit of my soul that hopes he makes an amazing Batman just to show everyone he can. I've always had a bit of a soft spot for him ever since Armageddon.

  12. Love love love #10! Even showed it to my mom!


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