Thursday, August 22, 2013

Random Thursday: A Place In My City I Love...

Honestly, I can't freakin' believe this week still isn't over. Ugh. Good thing it's Thursday and we have a kick ass new topic!

So just a heads up, I'm gonna kinda cheat and go with places I love in the city I live in (which is a small shitty little city) and the city I work in (cause it's big and awesome). Good thing there aren't any "official" rules to this shit, right?

City I live in:

Yeah, my city doesn't have much but what it lacks in awesomeness it makes up for by having this sweet thang. Not only do we have a Super Target but it's literally 5 minutes away...woot!

City I work in:

I'm literally steps away from this place on a daily basis. Total work mode killer, I tell ya. We haven't had season passes in over 2 years cause they're all kinds of rape-you-in-butt expensive but I never ever get tired of visiting. Who knows, maybe season passes will be our x-mas gifts to each other this year :)

* * * * *

Join the Thursday fun, share your favorite place in your city and link up below!


  1. I. miss. Target. so much.

    There's such joy in knowing one is so close!

  2. I wish there would be a Target in my city! The next one is 35 minutes away! And I would love to go to Disneyland!

  3. I did not know Super Targets existed! I would never get out alive, I love Target. :D

  4. Oh gosh, that would be such a mood killer if I had to work so close to that! Hope you can get passes this year.

    And I LOVE Target. I didn't know there was a Super Target...I'm so jealous!


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