Thursday, August 8, 2013

Random Thursday: Beat The Heat Tips...

Did you miss me? I don't even know why I ask, I know you did. Truth is I might say I'm leaving this joint every few months cause I gain more readers that way, apparently. Jokes on you new peeps cause I ain't that interesting. 


Ok, now for this week's (last minute) topic:

That's right, it's my big ass head in another awkward vlog. 
Lucky you guys. 
Alright, enjoy watching - or don't cause its probably not that interesting. Also, when my face isn't as fat as it appears when I walk to the fridge. I swear. *lies*

* * * * *

I kinda sent out the newsletter at the last minute so I dont blame you guys for not joining up today but if you do, I'll love you forever and 10 days. Yes, 10-whole-days extra.


  1. Aw, I always feel like my head looks huge in videos too!! :P

  2. I have missed you Lin! So glad to see you! I am sorry that you actually have to work. I hope you can find some time to relax soon!
    And I am a fan of your vlogs, I really am.

  3. Miss you too! And hey, it's great to see and hear you rather than just text! (Also YES I know this was like a MONTH ago. What can I say. I'm very behind on the blogosphere too!)


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