Monday, August 5, 2013


Saturday's were always known as chore days at our house. There was something shitty about knowing you didn't have to wake up early for school but you sure as hell couldn't just get up and go do whatever you wanted.

Nope - cause it was chore day.

Had to wash dishes, sweep and mop all room in the house and help mom sort dirty laundry. Ugh. I'll never forgive my dad and brothers for having such stinky ass socks.

So yeah, chores suck. They got a bad rap from the get go. My mom first talked me into helping her out when she told me I'd be getting a weekly allowance for helping her out. Money, fuck yeah! But after a few weeks I dreaded it and didn't even want to think about it.

Sadly, that's what's happened with this blog that I once couldn't wait to write on. Ha, there was a time when I'd hash out 3 posts in one day because I had it in me. Now, not so much. And yeah, it makes me sad. Really fucking sad.

I've decided to take a step back and reevaluate myself, how I've changed (because I totally have) and this blog. Kind of like starting over again without closing shop and starting from scratch (g-damn I hate it when bloggers do that).

If you don't see me around here in the next few weeks it's just because I'm figuring my shit out. I'll be back though. You cant get rid of me that easy. Also, I hope you'll all be happy to know (I know I was) that the amazing Alyssa has graciously decided to keep my baby, 10 on Tuesday alive!

Now excuse me while I continue with my day of sitting on my couch and watching hours upon hours of Copper. Yeah...this is me, reevaluating myself haha.


  1. Awww Lin. I know what you mean. Sitting down and writing something that makes sense, not to mention something that you think other people will want to read..it takes a lot some days. I haven't had it in me for a while, either. It'll come back. Maybe it's a summer thing??

    By the way,it took me about 10 minutes to figure out that picture. I thought it was maybe some weird vibrator. Nope. Banana.

  2. I hope you figure things out. I don't know WHAT you're trying to figure out, but I also feel like I've kind of stalled out...so maybe we're in the same boat.

    And chore day? I spent Saturdays from ages 15-19 trying to sneak out of the house on Saturday mornings...lest my mother make me dust the baseboards. Ugh.

  3. I want to pick up Copper on DVD but just haven't gotten around to it. Sometimes you need a break--no shame in that break involving hours of TV instead of meditative soul-searching!!!

  4. I know how you feel, I am at the same place at the moment. Looking forward to see where this takes you.

  5. You deserve the break! I find that one of those breaks really is necessary to keep blogging going! New ideas come in those breaks and before you know it you are excited again to blog away!

    We will for sure have to plan a meet up with Shelley soon!

  6. It's better to stop, re-evaluate and take a break than to make it feel forced - you won't like yourself for it and eventually your readers won't either.

    As long as I can still see your snarky but loveable comments on Twitter all will be good in my world. :)

    You'll get it all figured out and we'll be here when you do!

  7. I can't wait to read more from you, Lin! I will definitely miss you but I also understand that you need a break!

  8. Hey sista, You sound like me. With the new baby, and two kids in school..kindergarten and high school. This blogging shit takes a back seat,,,,but don't go away forevah because I would miss reading your tong and cheek ways!

  9. We have many things in common haha. Let's hang out. We need to catch up!


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