Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ten On Tuesday...It's Back!

1. Talk about taking a long ass hiatus, right? Sorry. It was inevitable since I like living on the nice side of town and driving a car that doesn't have hub caps or an engine that stalls. Yep. I gots me a new job (well, more of a promotion).

2. After 3 weeks of knowing she had to be the fuck out of my space, the lady that had my position finally moved most of her shit out of MY super large-almost-could-be-an-office cubicle. Shit, I was about to pack up her stuff myself if she didn't hustle it.

3. The last 10 minutes may or may not have been spent watching this gif over & over while hysterically laughing.

4. Working 11, 10 hour, straight days really takes a toll on you. Literally. I think I've aged like 5 years. At least now I can afford to dye my new gray hairs with all that OT moola ;)

5. Speaking of moola: I like to think I'll save some of it but in reality it's going towards my car registration, new Galaxy4 and that lovely San Francisco trip I'm taking with Em next month. Yeah, I suck at saving.

6. This is what I like to call "ghetto street smarts."

7. Rusty's gotten back into airsoft. Fuck. My. Life. Goodbye even more of my nonexistent savings.

8. This weekends plan is to clean the entire apartment, like scrub the dirty mofo from top to bottom (maybe), read & comment on tons & tons of blogs and watch a very unhealthy amount of TV. Can you believe I've been so busy that didn't even realize Dexter was back on? I know, it's a fucking travesty.

9. And now I like her SO much better than I did yesterday.

10. Love it.

* * * *

I know I've gone for a while, I'm sorry, but I promise that if you link up I'll stroll by your blog at some point this weekend and leave you some serious blog-love. Yep, I said "blog-love".


  1. Welcome back!
    In response to #8, I was frantically cleaning yesterday and Eliza said, "So, who's coming over for dinner?" Seriously! Actually, we are having a house guest. So sadly, she is partially right. The point is... maybe you want to invite someone over to dinner. It is amazing how motivational that is. ;)

    Glad the new job is coming along. Transitions are hard... especially when the old guard refuses to vacate!

  2. Congrats on the promotion!

    Alecia keys tweet = amazing

  3. #10 is so sad and touching!
    And #5 is awesome!

  4. I love that GIF, and the Natalie Dee cartoon too! That floating soda ice tub would be awesome if I had a freaking pool to beat the heat.

    #10 made me cry when I first saw it in the news. I'm a softie like that :P

  5. Okay that spoon gif had me laughing out loud for a while! And that pic of the dog was so sad but sweet.

  6. 1. Welcome back!
    3. haha. Love it.
    4. Yay for money! Seriously. Good stuff.
    8. That's funny, me too! But then again, that's most weekends.
    9. It's bad when other celebrities call out a fellow celeb's stupidity.
    10. That just breaks me heart!

  7. Ha ha, I really had to laugh about your almost-could-be-an-office-cubicle! You just have to switch the order of your 10s because leaving with the soon-to-be-dead dog really puts a damper on this day ;-)

  8. Love the salute tothe dog and truly think 11 days of straight work MEANS you get to spend all that OT money on yourself... even if it is to cover up those "OT grey hairs"! LOL!


  9. I'm totally guilty of falling behind on your blog! For some reason, even though I GFC follow you, it never pops up in the Dashboard...

    Anyway, glad you're loving the new job. Well, the money that comes with it anyway :)

    You're not missing much with Dexter. It's moving along quite slowly. They jumped forward a couple of months from the end of last season and I don't really like that time lapse stuff. Kinda like what they did with the last season of Weeds.

    I'm stealing that gif. I'm convinced it was designed for me.


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