Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. Yesterday was one of the worst Monday's at work. It took me like 3 hours to correct something I originally messed on during the weekend event and my boss kept sending back. I'm just glad it's over.

2. Haha...sweet potatoes!

3. Does anyone have a baby I can borrow? I miss that baby smell. Someone's having major baby fever over here.

4. I'm not even gonna lie, I totally do this with my toe every time I'm around one of these. They're so much fun.

5. Stupid laundry. There's so much of it. Where's that fucking laundry fairy when you need her?

6. I'm so glad we've all moved passed that Treyvon Martin case cause I was really tired of hearing everyone's opinion about it. Move the fuck on.

7. If there were ever a chance I'd switch teams, it'd be for this girl. Love her!

8. Bahaha! Every other day of my life.

9. Best deal of the month? Buying 3 pairs of beyond adorable shoes for work for a mere $25. Score! If you have an indoor swapmeet in your area, hit it up. Shoes won't be name brand but they look just like them & at my age, the price is all that really freakin' matters.

10. Word.

* * * *


  1. 2. haha.
    3. dude, you ain't kidding.
    7. Gotta love her. I still laugh at her encounter with Jack Nicholson.

  2. Jennifer Lawrence is just the best ever.

  3. 3 pairs of shoes for 25 dollars? wow, that really is a great deal. congratulations!

  4. #4 I hear my cat doing that sometimes when I'm trying to sleep at night.


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