Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. I'm completely and utterly freaked out about fucking up at work. My boss is awesome but he's nit-picky and very particular. Talk about stress.

2. Every time I go into the gas station I grab a few bags of those ghetto $1 candies. Hence, why I try my hardest to always pay at the pump with my debit card. My teeth & belly can only handle so much sugary deliciousness.

3. There's absolutely no movies in the theater worth spending $12 a ticket for. Hollywood, you fail.

4. That's one bad ass mo-fo.

5. The smell of brownies baking in the oven = fucking heaven. Now if I could only figure out the perfect time to take them out of the oven before they're rock hard. Or you know, still complete mush.

6. Rusty is my Milhouse. Really, he's always asking me why I'm so happy when he's miserable. All I can say is, I dont know, I just am.

7. Unless "personality" is a nickname for your bewbs, you're shit out of luck girlfriend.

8. I read blogs and commented this weekend. Damn it feels good. Productivity win!

9. Rusty has a tooth thing going on. We think it's an infection and know for a fact he needs to get it removed but the money...yeah we're kinda using that for our San Fran vacation next month. I feel like shit about it but he swears it's cool and it's not that bad. Fuck, I really hope so.

10. Guess who got a new phone last week. Yep, this girl! *points to self* Got a white S4 and this nifty lil case that's all sorts of cuteness. Best of all, I can video g-chat through it. Now I just have to get back into blogging so someone will want to chat with me :/

* * * * *

Create your own 10 on Tuesday...go ahead, keep us entertained.


  1. 1. I feel extremely nervous when my boss hovers over me. I hate it.

    3. I don't even go to the theaters anymore. I wait for it to be on Redbox coz I'm cheap. Ha!

    5. Brownies = Nom!

    9. I hope it's nothing too serious.

    10. I'm thinking about breaking up with iPhone and going to S4. I fell in love with my SiL's S4 when she got it last week.

  2. Love the new phone! Man that adorable.

    I am so right there with the teeth thing. The cost to fix my teeth right now...$2,2K. yep. I'm like - well, I guess I can go on with this for a while. I mean, Austin Powers rocked this look, right?

    The sole reason I have a gas card is to a)make me not go inside to buy Funyuns. Funyuns are my kyptonite. I will eat the entire bag...then buy another one for later.

    Hooray! for Productivity!

  3. The brownie question..... Start with the minimum time and then go by 30 second increments until it's not completely gooey, but there's still some goo left. Good rule of thumb is to not let it stay in there more than one minute past the maximum suggested time. The brownies will keep baking when you take them out of the oven.

    I'm not a master at much, but my brownies pretty much rock, lol.

  4. The fact that movies are $12 no matter what is kind of a fail...I definitely used to go to movies a lot more often than I do now.

  5. Ugh, teeth problems...not fun. Hope it isn't too bad!! Yay for a fun vacation coming up though! I'm headed to South Carolina at the end of August, so that should be fun. Nice to get away.

  6. I hope Rusty's tooth will be fine!
    There really are no movies I want to watch right now! But I got the Matthew Perry movie you recommended and will check it out as soon as possible! I am glad I found some good shows to watch!

  7. fucking gas station candy. it's even worse when your parents own said gas station and you get that sugary goodness for free. oh the belly aches.
    my boss is a crazy nit picker too. used to drive me bat shit crazy and make me nervous to go into his office. now I've decided that it's his problem he's so nit picky and if he doesn't like that font size he can deal.
    LOVE that case!

  8. I'm so glad a discount theater is open near us--I will not pay that much for a ticket!! And then snacks on top--ugh. I have to buy food and put gas in my car too, yunno...


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