Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Random Thursday: My Summer Plans...

Hola guys! Do you even remember who I am? I havent been around lately & I gotta admit, it sucks balls. I miss you all. Luckily today's a holiday so I have a few extra minutes to put this awesome post together. You're welcome haha.

For real though, I miss this little community, my ranting and constant time wasting on twitter. *sigh* Those were the good ol' days.

Summer...ugh. The only way I know it's actually here is because the sun feels like it's inches from the earth. Seriously, why the fuck is it so hot?! Hopefully it's not too hot where I'm headed in a few weeks.

 Only 4 hours away and believe it or not, it'll be my first trip there. Crazy, I know. As if visiting this place wasn't enough of a treat, I'm meeting Em & her hubs there too. Who's a lucky girl? Me, that's who!

The other thing I'm planning on doing this summer is staying out of the freakin' heat and enjoying the shit out of my a/c. 

That's it, that's my summer. Easy peasy.

* * * * *

Join the fun. I know I've been gone a lot lately but I promise I'll still read your fabulous posts. Really. Promise. But you'll have to link up.

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  1. Who's a lucky girl? Yeah, you're a lucky girl! San Francisco is awesome (and probably not all that hot) - it's just not the right place for cute shoes ;-)

  2. Hope you can relax a bit today Lin! It is so awesome that you will go to San Francisco! I am a little jealous. :) Have fun!

  3. San Francisco?! Fun! I live right by there, in San Jose. I love that place BUT the hills seriously freaks me out, lol! Have a fun summer! :)

  4. Have fun on your trip! That will be so awesome. And enjoy the AC--if it's hot here, I can't imagine what Cali is like.


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