Thursday, July 11, 2013

Random Thursday: DIY Project...

Hola peeps! I hope your week's going well. And, if it's not, at least you can say it's almost fucking friday. Oh, yeah!

This week's topic is a fun one so I hope you'll be joining us.

Lately I've been in a bit of an arts & crafts mood so a few weeks ago, when I found out I'd need a bag to carry all  my work stuff in, I decided to make myself an utterly fabulous canvas bag. Don't believe me? Ha...then it's a good thing I snapped some pics.





Adorable, right? Totally

And yeah, I drew that owl.

I'm going to be making more of these this weekend, it's become my new type of therapy haha. So, if you want one, let me know. I'll totally give you the best pal discount of $10. What can I say, I'm a great friend.

* * * *

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  1. I love your little owl! Too cute!

  2. I love that owl you drew! Cool bag, I will definitely do something like that too!

  3. Linny,
    That bag is so cute and looks amazing. I'm a Portland lady and people here are very crafty and into all the artsy stuff. I totally want one to carry my stuff to work in.

  4. Um...I fucking love this bag! Totally jealous of your artistic abilities, I can't draw for shit.

    Got any green? :)

  5. What a great bag, love the owl.

  6. Love the bag! The owl is adorable! and the chevron pattern is pretty awesome too! How crafty!


  7. LOVE IT!
    seriously make me one?

  8. what a great simple DIY, but it looks so good. Might have to hunt down some plank canvas bags here so I can decorate some myself!

    Daisy Dayz

  9. You are SO FRICKEN CUTE. Like that owl. But you're cuter.


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