Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Totally Worth It: Guilty Pleasures

I had every intention of writing a funny/witty/somewhat entertaining (non-link up) post today but then my brain pretty much went on strike and said "no bitch, not today." Hmph.

This link-up is hosted by the fabulous Bri, who I have to say I like even more now that I know she wears leggings as pants, eats mashed potatoes as a snack and picks her wedgies in front of her un-curtained windows.

Anyone else instantly girl-crushing? No? Well, this is awkward.

Moving on. Here are a few of my guilty pleasures or whatever:

 I wear my dirty ass chucks with everything. One time I tried to clean them up a bit with clorox wipes & wear them to work, trying to pull off the semi-professional-yet-relaxed look, but that didn't fly. Only thing I accomplished was looking like I'd gotten mugged for my shoes & all the muggers left for me to wear was their ratty kicks.

RHOC & The Bad Girls Club is trashy tvdrug. These ladies are SO full of drama, I love it! Did you all hear that Tamra & Eddie finally got hitched? Her dress was so pretty but I'm wondering why Gretchen wasn't a bridesmaid and Heather was? I'm telling ya'll, D-R-A-M-A.

Rusty & I eat pop-tarts like college students eat top-ramen. I know they're completely unhealthy but they're so g-damn delicious with their toasted brown crunchy edges. *drool* 
fyi: I totally had one of these suckers for breakfast today.
So yeah, that's my life. I resemble a hobo with my dirty ass shoes, watch brain cell killing TV and eat food that'll probably give me a heartache soon. Meh...it's totally worth.

Got zero ideas about what to post today? Join the link up at Bri's blog.


  1. I love pop-tarts. My dad used to make them for us for breakfast and put butter on the top. I had those parents who didn't care what we ate for breakfast, as long as it was labeled as legitimate breakfast food.

  2. We just bought a tooon of poptarts from Costco and Emily actually eats them. Of course. Printers and pop tarts. And I love converse!

  3. I have to admit that as a teenager I buried my chucks in our garden to make them look old and dirty. I hated it when they looked new.

  4. Ooooh, poptarts! Had them once or twice when I was a kid, but then German stores stopped selling them. Have been dreamung of them ever since ;-)

  5. Hey! My name is Ginny and I blog over at Buttergirl Diaries. I found you through your comment you left yesterday on Dysfunctional Ever After. That was the best post I read in a long time! And I saw from your comment that you agree as well. It saddens me to know what blogging is becoming. Similar to myspace in a way….just full of trash. We need to re-focus, clean up, and get move back to what blogging is all about, sharing stories and writing more heartfelt content! I am so glad I found you through her comments. I can’t wait to start following your blog too! 


  6. I have always wanted a pair of chucks :)

  7. Poptarts!! I say I buy them for my daughter (which, let's be honest, she shouldn't be eating them either!), but I'm really buying them for myself!!

    Thanks for linking up with us!!

  8. I eat Fibre One look-alike pop tarts. I feel like they are grown up Pop tarts but people at work make fun of me.

  9. Thanks for linking up with us! I love that you attempted to rock a pair of Chucks at work after taking Clorox to them. Did you also spray them with Febreeze? Because I would have if they were my shoes!


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