Thursday, June 6, 2013

Random Thursday: Phone Photo Dump...

There are times when I have no desire to write a post and then there are times when I rush to the laptop. Random Thursdays always makes me do the latter. What can I say, they're a lot of fucking fun.

This week's post doesn't really require much (or any) thought, which is nice every now & then. So enjoy my random photos.

Dexter the not-so-ferocious-Tortoise: This pic was originally sent to Em  sometime last week. 

Our apartment laundry room: took this pic to send to Em. Yeah, we're weird & send one another dumb pictures at random times.

Rusty's favorite coffee: Took this so I could remember what the name was next time I was at the store.

Bottom half of our bathroom: Again, sent to Em cause I wanted to show her our kick ass faux-wood flooring.

Amazing air-wick scent: I have a bad memory so  I take pics of things I like & want to buy more of.

Next book I want to read: Dont judge; I take pics of books I want from B&N so Rusty can download it for me later.

Traffic on the way home yesterday. Blah.

The green belt beside our apartment. We're on the 2nd floor & I took this looking down.

Me working on today's post. It came out blurry cause I put the 2 second timer on & rushed to get my phone above my head.  Meh, Ive definitely taken worse photos.
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  1. I also take pictures of things I need to remember or I want to buy. All the time. My phone is full with them.
    The tortoise is adorable!

  2. I had forgotten about Dexter! It's great to see him. Laundry in your apartment? I'm so totally jealous.

  3. I am so bad at remembering things, I take pictures of everything. Not weird at all lol.

    I read that book, "My BF wrote a book about me" - totally funny. loved it.

  4. Bottom Line: you are definitely mot alone on taking pictures of things to remember them... its even how i somtimes make a grocery list.... And of course I take pics at B&N to download books later!

    Love your photos!


  5. I also take lots of pictures of random bits around the house to send to my mom, and of products in stores so I will remember them later!

  6. I take pictures of everything I need to buy/remember! my memory is shot because I rely on my phone so much.
    that turtle is awesome, can we see more of him please?

  7. Love the wood floor! Looks awesome!


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