Thursday, June 13, 2013

Random Thursday: Give Us A Tour...

Can you believe it took me about 2 freakin' hours to put this post together? Crazy. I blame all the pictures. It probably would've been less time consuming to put makeup on, do my hair & vlog this shit.

Doesn't matter though, you know why? Cause this girl just got offered a new positions at work. Ooooh yeah! 3 years at this boring desk & now I'm moving on up like the g-damn Jeffersons.

Lets get down to some RT fun for now:

Here's my apartment. It's pretty simple since I have yet to find the perfect wall decor for the living room. See that huge wall behind the couch, yeah, that's a problem wall. It's just so damn big & bare. And just so you know, there are no photos of my bedroom because that place is a pig sty. Mountains of clothes. Everywhere.

* * * * *

Join the fun! Give us a tour of anything you want; your closet, work desk, trunk...whatevs. Just don't forget to link up because then we can't leave you bad ass comments.


  1. You have a really nice apartment! Congrats on your promotion!!!

  2. Awesome! It's safe to say that I am jealous of your kitchen too. :)

  3. Congratulations, Lin! That is awesome news!
    And your apartment looks very cool and comfy!

  4. Cute apartment! The kitchen totally looks like the one in my last home. And I can completely relate to the no art thing. Still have nothing to hang over our buffet (luckily, there's a window over the sofa). Btw, we've been living here for two years. Shame on me! ;-)


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