Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Just My Luck...

No, I didn't really get hit in the head by a dong falling from the sky*. But if it were possible, it'd probably happen to me.

Truth is I don't even know where to start with this. I knew when I opened a new post I wanted to write about it but now, I just have nothing to say other than, "well, this fucking sucks".

Last Friday I went to get my lady bits checked because aunt flow hadn't been around for a visit in about 3 months. Was I happy at the time? Fuck yeah. But then I started to think I had one in the oven, an idea that 5 pee sticks immediately put to rest. I'd had a couple of mood swings, been down in the dumps and was feeling a little extra "blah" for the last few months but chalked it up to my thyroid levels being wonky. Whatevs.

The doctor ordered some blood work that same day & then last night I get an email from her stating my results confirm the PCOS diagnosis. First of all, what the fuck is PCOS? and confirms? This is the first g-damn time I'm even hearing about it!

So of course I did the first thing any freaked out person would do...I went to my trusty old pal Google. Boy was that a mistake. I panicked and cried over the kids I'd probably never have (yes, the kids I wasn't even sure I wanted, til last night), the fact I probably have diabetes (thanks mom! hey, I needed someone to blame), and between snot & salty tears apologized to Rusty for being "broken" (dude held me tighter, laughed & said, "well, it's too late to return you now").

So yeah, I have PCOS. After some more (legit) research, not found on Wikipedia, I have come to the conclusion that it's not the end of the world and I'm sure as hell not the first or last to have it so I should suck it up. I'm not saying there weren't tears on the drive to work this morning, there were. And for some reason they were triggered by Modonna's "Like a Prayer"...totally weird cause I'm not even religious.

I have an appointment with my primary doctor next week & am trying to get in to see my Endocrinologist this week too - cause you know what they say, "knowledge is power!", so imma bug the shit outta those doctors. And from what I hear/read, the key to keeping this shit under control is to get my ass to stop eating so much junk & jump on a treadmill asap so I can lose some lbs.

*sigh* Lucky me.

for some reason I picture myself walking down the street at the same time a really pissed off girl's throwing her shit out the 8th floor apartment building window and one of those things just happens to be her phallic adult toy, which bonks me on the noggin' as I pass by. I know, I have a crazy imagination.


  1. I'm sorry sweetie. I know you'll be alright, but I will keep you in my thoughts. And, you bug the shit out of those doctors to make sure you have all the information you need. :)

  2. Lin...that does suck. Nobody wants to hear anything other than "everything looks great down here!" after a trip to the gyno. But..I have a couple of friends with the same issue and they say that it's pretty much manageable. You bug those doctors though, and get all the answers you're looking for! Knowledge is power.

  3. I know how you feel without the PCOS. You wonder if you want children then when mother nature throws a wrench into your baby maker, that's when you rethink plans. Blows. Luckily you CAN still have kiddos with PCOS, but you'll be like me with your feet in the air and some woman checking you out on a bi-weekly basis with her 'magic wand.'

  4. I am so sorry!! But don't be too discouraged, I know plenty of women with it and they still had children. I'm sure everything will work out!! And hey, now you have the motivation and a reason other than yourself to get in shape. Get healthy and take care of yourself, the rest will work itself out in time! Maybe now you don't need to worry about BC? :) just trying to help you see the bright side.

  5. I'm so sorry for you, I had never heard of it either, but the first thing that I saw when clicking on the link was that it wasn't impossible to get kids, so I'm sure if you decide you want them, you will have them:)

  6. I'm sorry, girl. But like the other ladies have said, it doesn't necessarily mean no children! but regardless any kind of diagnosis like that just sucks. Thinking of you!

  7. You are allowed to whine & cry & feel shitty about yourself - that's some big, traumatic, holy shit kind of news. At one point, after a conversation with my mother where she confirmed at one point doctors thought it'd be incredibly hard (if at all) for me to have children. I didn't know I wanted them until that day, and the husband did exactly what Rusty did. God bless them. Good news is - I have a healthy nearly 3 year old girl.
    With all that said, be sad but as quick as you can start working on a plan to be better - focusing on that will help you not focus on all the shitty aspects. In the meantime, you know you have a ton of great friends (uh, me!) who are here to support you with whatever you need!

  8. That really sucks, Lin. I am sorry! I hope things will still work out the way you want them too! And it is totally acceptable to cry and get angry. I have polycystic kidney disease and sometimes you just hate the world. I guess that ir normal.

  9. I'm sorry! But I had to laugh about penises falling from the sky...

  10. that sucks man. I have no clue what PCOS is but you can bet your ass I'm going to research it. and you're totally allowed to cry like a baby and be pissed at people for awhile. life's a bitch but from the comment above it looks like this thing is manageable and babies are still doable!

  11. Big Hugs! I have PCOS and pretty much begged The Hubs to divorce me b/c I figured, whelp - I can't have kids. After 6 months of being depressed...yes 6...I talked to an RE dr {reproductive endocrontologist} who helped me with PCOS.

    Right now, be sad. Be upset. Blame your mom - cause I do too, seriously, diabetes and Latino's don't mix. WTF. But know that yes, everything - while it's not sunshine and lollipops...will eventually be.

  12. I am so sorry :( Hopefully, your doctor(s) can figure out a plan to get it under control and get a bun in your oven.

  13. *hugs* I'm sorry to hear this. But it's good to hear that Rusty is so supportive!! And who knows, with time you might be able to have a child of you own, if you want.

    On the other note: your imagination is spot-on. I could totally see being hit in the head with a dildo. Made me laugh!


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