Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. I had five days off from work & it was fucking glorious. Did nothing but work on blog stuff & watch re-runs of old TV shows. Now, I'm dreading sitting at this boring ol' computer desk. Being a grown up sucks.

2. It aggravates the crap out of me when I get home & realize McDonalds hasn't given me my correct order. Even worse, when I put the straw in the soda and find they gave me diet. *barf*

3. In case you missed it, I recently teamed up with fellow blogger Shelley and created a new kick ass blog. You should totally stop by & say "Hi"...or better yet, follow us. Come on, you know you want to.

4. I kinda don't even want to share this with you guys cause I'm afraid I'll never find them if word gets out but since I love you all so much I'm letting in on a little secret: Levi's new-ish brand deNiZEN is fucking awesome. So stretchy & comfortable w/out looking like fake jean.

5. *face palm* The people of Walmart are literally getting dumber.

6. Word. Men swear we've never seen 8 inches on a ruler before.

7. The chick's hair in the gif above made me think of strawberries. And now I'm really craving fresh strawberries.

8. This was totally my face after seeing a photo of my fat-ness. Dude, it looks like I ate the 21 year old me. How in the fuck did I let this happen? Its gym time yo.

9. Mad Men SPOILER: Never ever ever did I see Don & Betty getting their freak on again. Girl gets thin & she's instantly turns into a tramp. Damn.

10. Have you guys seen the trailer to Jennifer Aniston & Jason Sudeikis' new movie? Looks freakin' hilarious. Hello, sexy Jen!

* * * *

Create your own uber random 10 on Tuesday & link up here. Go ahead, it'll give me something to do while pretending to do actual work.


  1. Haha, that movie is going to be awesome =) Glad you got your blogging groove back!

  2. Haha, I haven't even heard about that movie yet but the trailer looks awesome. I definitely want to see it!!

  3. That movie looks...interesting lol.

    Also, I watched 6 straight hours of Mad Men yesterday to catch up on what I missed while moving.

  4. The trailer doesn't show on my phone...going to look it up on you tube now!

  5. Why do fast food restaurants ALWAYS fuck up your order. C'mon people.
    That movie looks hilarious! Love sexy Jen.

  6. We're the Millers looks pretty amusing; it might be something I end up seeing. We'll see. LOL And regardless of the "oh my goodness" face, I just love that Benedict Cumberbatch gif. Love him in general.

  7. OMG. Jason Sudeikis, Jen AND Nick Offerman? Please, please don't suck, movie.

  8. I want to see that movie - SO BAD. Seriously. Laughing my ass off at work right now. You always have the best trailers on your blog. Always.

  9. The good folk at McDonald's know not to give me a diet. The last time the punk kid gave it to me and then said he ASSUMED that's what I wanted? I had to tell him there was no way out of that conversation that didn't result in my wrong soda being thrown at his crotch. Free sodas for a week for this bitch.

  10. I get super pissed when I saw that I want an iced coffee and they give it to me hot. And I'm too nice to be like, "actually, I wanted that iced" so I end up going home and adding ice. I should just be mean. Amen on seeing old pics of yourself. I'm trying a new gym routine and doing ok. I've also had like 15 days off of work and always do better with the gym when I have a bunch of time off. Fingers crossed that I can get back into a good routine after going back!


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