Thursday, May 2, 2013

Random Thursday: Spring Apparel...

It's almost Friday guys; you can have a few seconds to jump up & down at that idea. Best part is tomorrow's payday which means I can stop using the fast food napkins I've collected and finally go buy some. Times are tough yo.

Moving on. Here's this week's topic.

If you read Monday's post then you pretty much know this topic wasn't the easiest for me. Truth is it taught me two things; 1- I need to stay as far away from a camera as possible (no photography business in my future) and 2 - my ass needs to start hitting that gym again. As uncomfortable as I am posting these novice photos, I'm doing it cause I said I would and I can always deny it's me later, since I chopped my head off these suckers anyway. Yeah, smart thinking.

Not my favorite dress but it does the job when I'm on the job. Think it's the high waist line I dont care much for.

Bought this dress last summer but have yet to actually wear it out. Congratulations, you guys are the first to see me in it! Also, these are the most comfortable wedges ever.

Havent worn this skirt in years but found it in the bottom of my drawer & thought "what the hell...why not".

And by "everyday" I really mean everyday. If I didn't have to wash these shorts every now & then I'd never take them off. Same goes for the chucks, see how filthy those fuckers are?
Can you tell I have a fascination with pockets? What can I say, I hate hauling around a clunky ass purse to just store my cell phone & chapstick in. 

* * * * *

Don't be scared away by the fashion topic, join in on the (sometimes embarrassing) fun. Snap some pictures of your favorite Spring outfits or get creative on Polyvore and show off what your perfect Spring outfit is.

Next weeks topic: Confessional: Tell A Secret


  1. Lin, I love your pictures! I don't think they look weird at all (like my posing pictures!). I love converse shoes and my favorite is the "date" dress! You look fabulous!

  2. I really am digging that second dress, it really looks great on you!

    You are pretty adorables, so you totes could have not beheaded yourself. We all still would have loved you.

    Also, because I'm a bitch - TODAY IS MY FRIDAY! BOOM!

  3. Great photos and those are definitely my kind of outfits!

  4. Ah, Chucks! They go with everything. The date dress is my fave :)

  5. I love the outfits!! Your everyday is my everyday too :)

  6. I love that first dress! and the second one actually. also. I need to invest in some of those chucks. love the look of them.
    so pumped you posted pics! maybe someday we'll see your face!

  7. Am I the only person in the world that does not have a pair of Chucks? I feel I am going to have to go get a pair soon.


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