Thursday, May 16, 2013

Random Thursday: My Dream House...

Good morning all you fabulous people! Tomorrow's Friday, which means it's also payday and I just found a Pulp Fiction on Netflix...it's gonna be a good day.

Hopefully you're here cause you're joining us in today's topic but if not, I'm just glad you're here. So, please, stick around.

Like most everything else, I waited til last night to start this post and once I got onto Pinterest this post was shot to shit. I forgot how big of a time suck that site was. So yeah, that's why this post is going up a little late. On the plus side, I found some pretty rad ideas for my "dream home".

1. Bedrooms - one bedroom for every person in the house, plus 2 guest bedrooms for when family visits.
2. Kitchen -  top notch appliances, huge island in the middle, double ovens, lots of storage, and tons of counter space. If it could come with my very own Rosie, I'd be in heaven.
3. Office - I dont plan to work from home (this girl gets cabin fever quickly) but I do want my very own office that I can paint a pretty seafoam green & have white furniture in.
4. Home Theater - not just another family room. Nuh-uh a REAL theater with projector & reclining leather chairs, soda fountain machine, popcorn machine & stocked candy bar. Hell, I'd probably end up living in that room alone.
5. Garage(s) - two-two car garages located on the opposite end of one another so Rusty can have one to put all his tools & man toys in, I can have the other one for my car(s) and there's very little chance of his junk getting into my garage.
6. Foyer - since seeing Charlotte's beautiful apartment foyer in SATC, I've always wanted one. Someone would definitely have to come in & decorate it for me cause I've got zero style but whatevs.
Swimming pool - in just this layout cause it's fucking perfect.

not pictured (cause I forgot to get images)
Sun Room - with lots of windows where I can go into & relax while I read on my giant comfy couch or giant hanging swing or both, like this one.
Porch - not just any porch either, a big beautiful wrap around porch that goes from one end of the house to another.
* * * *

Join the fun, show us your "dream home" and then link up here so we can check it out.


  1. Oh, I definitely want my own movie theater too! That pool looks awesome. And I don't even like water!

  2. Can I come visit? And yah, Pinterest, while I love that website either makes me feel like a total loser for not thinking of said projects or inpsired. Meh.

    Love your dream home!

  3. Love your dream home. It sure is a big dream!!

  4. That pool is just epic. And I'm sure with the hot weather, you could really use it!

  5. When you say "a bedroom for everyone in the house," that includes me, right? Cos I'll be living with you. Don't worry, I'll pay my way in sarcasm. Uh huh. ;)LOVE that sun room, btw.

  6. can I delete my entire post a copy and paste this one?

  7. Love the pool! Totally wish I had added the foyer! Love you dream house!



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