Thursday, May 30, 2013

Random Thursday: 5 Fun Facts About Me...

Having an extra day off at the beginning of the week is awesome but it always throws me off my game. And, by game I of course mean my lame attempt to stay on a blogging schedule. 

Yeah, so I'm gonna jump right in on this since it's like almost 9am for you east-coasters.

1. I love buying my friends gifts. Yes, for their birthdays, but also for no good reason other than something reminds me of them. So yeah, it's in your best (material)  interest to be my pal.

2. There's nothing better than leftovers (especially pizza) for breakfast. No rushing to make this girl pancakes for breakfast in bed; just slap some of whatever last nights dinner was on a microwaveable plate & pass that sucker on ovah.

3. I will laugh if you fart. Most likely I'll laugh so hard that I'll fart. See, I'm a great friend.

4. If I could be magically turn turn into any character in any movie & live out said movie it'd have to be "Baby" from Dirty Dancing. At least today it would be because I just watched that movie, I wish I had those dance moves, and I wouldn't mind shacking up with Johnny one single bit.
This scene...hello rapid heart beat.

5.  I crocheted 90% of a big ass afghan. No, someone didnt do the rest...I'm just, taking my time in finishing it. Yeah, that's what I'm doing.*

* * * *

Join the fun! Really, you should. Like now.

Next weeks topic: Phone Photo Dump...


  1. I love to eat leftovers for breakfast, especially pizza. Cold.
    And I think I have to watch Dirty Dancing tonight...Johnny...

  2. I do the same thing with gifts!

    I think I'm partly finished on at least a half-dozen different projects...and yes, I'm taking my time finishing them!!

  3. Errr ... Baby from Dirty Dancing?! Yes please! Definitely a life I would love to live ... if only to do that dance sequence at the end!!

    And pizza for breakfast is amazing. So good. Sadly, I never ever save any for the morning:(


  4. I'd take leftovers over regular breakfast food any day. But then...I also like to eat breakfast for dinner sometimes. It's a weird thing.

    I use to watch Dirty Dancing as a kid all the time with my grandma...I thought that I'd grow up to be Baby. That kinda didn't happen, but I wouldn't argue if it had!

  5. You're an awesome friend. And I'm not just saying that cos of the presents. Swear.

  6. lol good to know that if I fart you would think it's funny and fart too hahahaha

  7. Nope, no leftovers for me - at least not for breakfast! That's only acceptable as hangover food ;-) Plus, the chances of me not eating the whole pizza the night before are very slim!

  8. I always buy more pizza than I know we can eat to make sure we have some leftover for breakfast the next day.

    I have a pizza addiction and I am not ashamed.

  9. You love buying and a love receiving gifts!
    Finish that afghan I want to see a picture!

  10. I love buying gifts for friends too! It's definitely one of the ways that I show love. My husband hates it when I buy him things ;D

    Oh my gosh...cold pizza is the best. I could eat that all the time!


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