Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Morning Ups & Downs

I've been running really low on the blog topic ideas lately, including this morning. So instead of going with something well thought of (which I don't have) I've decided to go with my gut & post about the stuff that's already managed to make my Monday morning both suck & be somewhat awesome.

All my favorite ABC shows have been renewed! I didn't doubt for a second  that Revenge (holy shit, that season finale was so awesome!) or Scandal would be renewed but I'm glad Castle made it. Nathan Fillion is hilarious and so damn cute with all his wittiness.  

I don't know what is about me swooning over dorky dudes but I totally just crushed even harder for John Krasinski. Dude's got serious moves...better than Jagger's.

These two were cancelled. Booo! I swear poor Matthew Perry can't catch a g-damn break. Go On was hilarious, definitely a bad move on your part NBC. And, TNT...oh you fucked up big time by cancelling this amazing show. Southland is like the only good show they have. Dummies.


  1. Oh my gawd - John Kransinki...love him and Jimmy Fallon. Sigh. Yep, I love nerds.

    OK, I'm so glad you realize Matthew Perry's talent. I liked his other show that was cancelled...and the other before that one (the drama) Poor guy!

  2. I already cried when I heard about Go On. Well almost. But it definitely sucks and makes me sad. This is so unfair.
    But yay for Castle and Suburgatory!


    Also, I hate that Go On was canceled! Seriously, it was such a hilarious and fun show. The cast played off each other so well.

    And Revenge - I FUCKING LOVE THAT SHOW. So amazing.

  4. I'm so behind on Revenge, so I'm glad to know that this season's finale is worth it for me to keep watching!

    Castle is one of my favorite shows. Nathan Fillion is the best.

  5. I was so sad to hear about Go On! That show was fantastic! And I loved the appearances by Terrell Owens. Seems he can't catch a break, either.


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