Monday, May 27, 2013

Manic Monday...Not Up In Here

Normally I'm all "fuck, I hate today" cause it's a Monday and I have to at work but considering I'm writing this a little after midnight & I don't have to wake up in 3 hours, my attitude towards today is very positive.

Lately I've been feeling very blah about blogging. The fire in me had died down to a pitiful teeny flame & the post ideas were almost null. It was a sad time I tell ya. But, that bullshit's passed (for now).

I'm back bitches. I feel fiesty, ready to rant, and best of all talk about anything I want to without caring if anyone gives two shits about reading it. That's what blogging's about yo.

So today, I say Happy Memorial Day! Take a moment to remember all of those fan-fucking-tastic men & women who died in order for you to be safe & sound & have the right to bitch about all the little things that go wrong in your first-world life.

Today, visit this site:
Why? Because it's my & Shelley's new awesome blog and you get to see me. Like physically. I know, crazy. She's real!

And finally, today I advise you to NOT waste your time in seeing "The Hangover III" cause it's an epic let down. Except for the last 2.5 minutes of it. Seriously, sneak into the theater just for the part after the credits start to roll. Everything else ain't worth it.

You're welcome :)


  1. I'm not shocked that TH3 is terrible...I was a bit shocked that Fast and the Furious 6 killed it in ratings!

    Happy Memorial Day Monday, lady!

  2. Is it really not a good movie?? That's disappointing :( The credits were always my favorite part anyway.

    I like your Memorial Day mention.

  3. I guess when you watch the trailer you've seen pretty much everything. I really wanted to see that movie...Hmm...

  4. Ditto on Memorial Day Thank you for mentioning that it's to honor the FALLEN!!! PS. Glad your blogging fire is back!!

  5. it was horrifyingly boring. soo very disappointed!


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