Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. Fact: I find vacuuming very relaxing; could probably do it every couple of hours. My OCD has found something new to be cuckoo about.

2. I'm thinking I should probably put one of those travel size deodarants in my glove box because sometimes, after I'm at work, I realize I forgot to put some on after the shower. Talk about walking around all day like a damn penguin. A stinky penguin.

3. What. The. Scary. Fuck. Is. This?! Police Chief Brody was right, stay out of the water yo.

*Mr. know-it-all-Rusty has informed me that this monster is real & has a name. Ick!

4. True. And those are the days you want to stay very very far away from me.

5. Some people thrive on being in the middle of drama. They sometimes go as far as creating it just so they can bitch about it...these people are annoying as fuck. But also oh so fun to watch; like a drunk girl you know's gonna fall but still don't help cause it'll be a really great laugh.

6. There's a place & time to bust a move. In the public bathroom, on the counter is not one of them.

7. Rusty's started playing D&D again. Needless to say, our apartment is raided by a group of nerds every Saturday night. Yes, pity me. So if any of you guys are up for a video chat on Sat nights, let me know cause I got nothin' else going on.

8. Sometimes all it takes to make me happy is a big ass Dr. Pepper with tiny bits of crunchy ice. It's totally the little things peeps.

9. No one can ever say I'm not open to things cause I'll try just about everything once. Only thing is, I'll find a way to turn it around to suit me.

10. *Spoiler Alert* Game of Thrones - This was possibly my favorite episode of the the season. I love that Jamie & Brienne are getting to know one another. And the truth about why Jamie killed the king...crazy.

* * * * * *

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  1. I laughed so hard at that comic--which pretty much proves I'm a 9th grader.

  2. 3. This is really the only thing I can focus on in this post. This will haunt my nightmares. I just made the mistake of looking at its wikipedia page.

  3. I can not stop watching that crazy monster video. I actually started to feel a little sick from it! And I love the butt sex cartoon lol. I'd do something like that too.

  4. Uh, I need to watch Game of Thrones tonight! :)
    That goblin shark looks pretty scary! I have never heard about that animal before!

  5. 6.. How come I feel like this is something I would have attempted during my intoxicated college years? Yes I am an idiot.
    8.. Cherry Coke with the crushed ice so good... Yummm. I could settle for Dr. Pepper.
    10.. Never watched but have heard good things.


  6. #1 Wanna come vacuum my place someday? I have two dogs that love the share their fur with the floor, couch, and every corner of the house, just let me know when you are coming by and I'll tell you where our hidden key is!

    #3 Goblin Sharks are awesome, I've been a diver for more than 15 years and I've never seen one, so the odds of you encountering one on the beach are very slim.

    #6 LOL and Ouch in the same sentence!

    Have a great Tuesday + 10!

  7. #1 I love vacuuming too! My cats, not so much.

    #3 WHAT THE FUCK. I was scared to go in the ocean already.

    #4 This is me far too often.

    #9 I laughed far harder at this than is likely appropriate. I imagine your husband is very careful about what he asks you for!

    #10 I love this show!

  8. 1. I've always like vacuuming, but I'll freak the eff out if you walk on it afterwards without socks on. I hate feet prints in the carpet.

    2. I always carry deodorant with me because I ALWAYS FORGET when I'm in a rush.

    3. Nightmares!!!!

    5 Drama ridden people are like a bad car accident. You can't help but watch lol.

    7. HAHAHAHAHA! I wrote about this in my post. I didn't know that was still around until now. I'm watching a bunch of nerdy kids playing it in the lunch room.

    8. I am the same...only Diet Coke.

    9. Hahaha. Showing this to Hubster.

  9. That fish monster thing? Yuck! Where do you find those buggers?

    But if you ever feel like vacuuming and everything is already clean over at your place, you're totally welcome to come over here =)

  10. Hahaha oh my gosh. Butt sex. WHAT THE CRAP IS THAT SHARK BEAST?!

  11. I'm OFFICIALLY going to have nightmares about that goblin shar. *shiver*

  12. feel free to vacuum my house any and every day. I hate that shit.
    also, get that fucking thing out of the oceanNOW!
    so unnecessary.
    loooove that comic. I too am a ninth grader.

  13. 2. I carry deodorant with me at all times. Seriously, in my desk, my truck and my purse.

    3. NO. NO. NO. FUCK NO.

    8. Amen.

    9. My husband approached this subject with me at one point, and I pretty much responded in the same way as the comic. Needless to say there was no butt sexing going on. #wifewin


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