Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. Can everyone please grow the fuck up already and stop with all this blogger hatred. This place is supposed to be about love & support, not petty jr high popularity fights.

2. Finally had a chance to catch up on Bates Motel over the weekend and all I can say is A-MAZ-ING. If you're not watching it then you're missing out on some uber fabulous suspense/drama. The mom is fucking nuts, Norman is so screwed up, and the older brother Dylan...well, I wouldn't mind takin' a run at him.

3. Teen Mom's Farrah is literally paying for sex. Damn girl, get a real job already.

4. Monday morning started out on a surprisingly positive note however once I was hit my ninth hour at work it had severely diminished. Wish it would've stuck around longer; makes the week go by faster.

5. I love all my (blog) girls to death but when it comes to real life I prefer to hang with the dudes. They don't judge my potty mouth or my uncool outfits.

6. Sunglasses with my eye prescription in them; I need to get on this asap. Summer is right around the damn corner, time to start prepping.

7. Only Robert Downey Jr. could wear this & not make me find him instantly unattractive. I'll say one thing, dude can really pull off short pants & a neckerchief.

RDJ at the Iron Man 3 premiere in Germany.
8. Doing your hair for work is overrated, hence why Im always sporting mine in a grade-school ponytail. Except today, I'm switching things up a little & wearing it up with a fancy BIC pen as the supporting pin. No, it's not a new fashion trend, I just forgot a damn rubber-band this morning.

9. I may or may not have squealed while watching the trailer. I'm so excited!

10. I have a feeling this is going to be my new Little Miss Sunshine.

* * * * *

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  1. Well, I really like Robert Downey Jr. and I appreciate it that he dressed up for Germany but he should have been more consequent. That shirt does not match the Lederhosen at all. :)
    How is it possible that I have never heard about the Bates Motel? I need to check it out!

  2. Love Robert Downey Jr, in fact my hubby knows he is the only real competition he has, LOL!

  3. 1. I never DID find out what all the hoopla was about.
    3. Mother of the year right there.
    5. I had two sets of friends in high school: my girlfriends and then my real friends...who sometimes forgot I was indeed a girl.
    6. Tell me about it.
    9. Me too! Like a 14 year old girl!
    Have a good week, dear!

  4. 1. I hear that. I've unsubbed from a few because I don't need the drama.

    7. I didn't realize he was 48, and now I feel weird for thinking he's so attractive when he's clearly teetering on waaaaaaay too old for me. But damn.

    9. Not to rush through summer--NEVER--but I am so excited for this that I can hardly stand it. It was hard enough waiting before the trailer came out!!

  5. Scott really liked Bates Motel from the beginning. I thought the first couple of episodes were weird, but I liked last night's.
    My dvr is leaving me this week, so I need to prepare for the withdrawal. Mad Men and GoT will be watched in real time this coming week.

  6. haha this cracked me up. loooovvveeeddd it. Check out zenni optical for those shades. cheap prescription glasses. that was my jam before lasek.

  7. I love a good theme and I think RDJ was trying to dress the part being in Germany in all, but I think he failed. When the German girl calls him out (see above) you know it's all wrong!

    Haven't watched 'Bates Motel', I've heard it's good, but I'll probably wait for Netflix. However, I'm ALL about 'Hannibal', have you seen it? So good!

    That movie looks awesome, I love me some Toni Collette!

  8. ain't nobody got time for all that drama! I'm still not even quite sure what happened but people were cray.
    Robert Downey jr is smoking regardless

  9. whoops I not publish.
    also. get on top of those prescription sunglasses asap! best investment I ever made

  10. There's so much good stuff in this post I don't even know where to begin! Catching Fire looks SO intense! That movie trailor looks good! Farrah was in a sex tape? Oh jeez.

  11. 1. I have enough drama IRL, I don't need it from bloggers.
    4. I agree, this week needs to go a lot faster. This weekend Hubs and I are celebrating our anniversary. I'm so excited. Plus work sucks.
    5. My solution is to have girlfriends who are like dudes as well.
    7. So true. Does not make him any less sexy.
    8. I never know what to do with my hair let alone have time to do something with it. It's usually just down or I tie it in a low ponytail.
    9. I can't wait!

  12. What's all this blogland drama that I've been hearing about??? I haven't seen a thing.


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