Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

10. We're gonna count these mofos backwards today because we can. Also, I accidentally put a zero next to the ten & I'm just too damn lazy to change it.

9. Ive been a shitty blogger the last few weeks; no reading, commenting, or real writing. The blame totally goes to the new apartment cause it's a total time suck. How is it possible for it to take so damn long to decorate and put together a 790 sq ft place?! Geez.

8. Mad Men: Dont really think it was necessary for us to have 2 full hours of nothing. Honestly, I learned nothing from that episode other than Meghan's now a p/t actress & Don's still sticking his dong in anything with a vag. I just never would've taken Velma as a harlot.

7. My new closet's half the size my old one was and I'm one sad panda because of it.

6. Weekly dinner meal planning, do you guys do it? I've been giving this some thought as I never know what to make for dinner and always end up eating cereal, ala Jerry Seinfeld.

5. Finally watched the first episode of the new season of Game of Thrones last night. Loved it! Never been much for talky type tv shows but this one's got me hooked. Now if someone could just manage to stick a sword through Joffrey's throat, that'd be great.

4. Yep.

3. Blog advice: Say what you want, it's your space. Dont hold back or filter yourself because you think it'll offend someone. Truth is, someone's always bound to get offended so fuck it.

2. I'm definitely not proud of myself for this but this drawing is probably a lot like I (an American) would have drawn. Seriously, what are those middle states, is Kansas in there somewhere?

1.  This is totally me every time Rusty talks to me while I'm watching tv or reading blogs or crocheting or pretty much doing anything.

* * * * 

I know I've been horrid at commenting on all you fab ladies that link up but I promise that I love you for still sticking around & doing it. 

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  1. We've been living in our apartment for over a year and that place is still not decorated so I give you big props.

    Um, Mad Men...makes me want to slap his new wife...see, I'm so upset at her, totally forgot her name.

    Nothing wrong with eating cereal for dinner but yeah, we try to do a weekly meal planning. Remember...try lol. Doesn't happen very often.

    And yep...whenever The Hubs talks about guns...yawn, yes dear.

  2. I try to meal plan, just did the grocery shopping for the next week, so we are good until Monday, but knowing me we will be screwed by Tuesday next week, because I won't have new plan.
    I think I would be able to tell you most of the states in the area "do people live here at all" square, and I'm Danish, at one time I could name all the states in alphabetic order... I guess I had no life!
    And the last one I so do that...

  3. I've jut recently discovered your blog. I love it. And I love your idea about being true to say what you want...cause it's your space. I'm a fan of yours already!

  4. Meal planning comes and goes around here! It's a constant struggle!

  5. I need to get better at meal planning for sure. Especially since I'm staying away from grain and dairy. Oi!

    I still haven't jumped on the Mad Men bandwagon.

    Offend away!

  6. First off, you have had headache after hedache and all while you have been moving in and getting settled: all is forgiven!

    Meal planning: Yep! I do it! And I also cook all our meals and do all the prep on one day. We can chat about it on the 20th if you like!

    Mad Men: Have it ready to go on the Roku, but havent gotten to watch much... I will some day, but knowing you love this show makes me motivated to get to it sooner!

    Love the map of America... maybe this is mostly true for Californians? I feel like most mid westerners and east coasters have a better handle on everything west of CA! :)

    And that last pic (#1) - my hubs would totally agree!!!!

    Can't wait tile our blogger date!

  7. I should plan my meals...I try to anyway :D And I love that little map. Too funny!!!

  8. Congrats on the new place and as promised, I will send you some towel thingys. I just need your new address.

    I've tried weekly meal planning and it's so helpful. I also like to do most of my cooking on Sundays and freeze what I can. Sometimes knowing what we are going to eat helps because we don't waste time thinking of what to make.

  9. Ugh. Pretty sure I'M the worst blogger ever (yeah, a weekly round-up of photos...super wow).

    GOT = Awesome
    MadMen = Meh (seriously Megan's teeth are freaky)

    Yep, I meal plan. I kind of have to. I eat better that way, too. Oh and then there's all these kids that think they've gotta be fed or whatever.

  10. Oh, I hate Geoffrey! I can't even tell you how much!
    And no, I don't plan meals on a weekly basis. I open the fridge and see what I can find and then decide what to cook.

  11. #6. I keep telling myself I'm going to do this and I never do. Like, I'm all "SUNDAY IM DOING IT!" and then Monday comes and I have a panic attack and just say fuck it I'll do it next Sunday. There is never a next Sunday.


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