Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It's Gun Safety; Take That Shit Seriously

I read a news story this morning about a 4 yr old kid that got a hold of a family members rifle and accidentally shot (and killed) his 6 yr old friend.


Kid was practically a baby, his whole life ahead of him. Sad stuff. Same goes for the little one that got a hold of the gun and now has to live his entire life knowing he killed his friend.

According to the news story authorities are in the process of figuring out if charges are going to be filed and who the charges should be filed against.

In my opinion, it's the gun owner is the one who should be held responsible. Regardless of whether or not the gun owner physically pulled the trigger, they are responsible for that child getting their hands on that loaded firearm.

Rusty & I own firearms (yep, more than one) and have them in the house when people/kids come over but they're always in a secure location, unloaded and with cable locks through them. Might seem like a bit much but when you buy one you have to know that a huge responsibility to be safe comes with it.

Seriously, for fucks sake, it's not hard to lock them away, especially when you're having people over; gun safe's are as cheap as $80 and it takes like a total of 2 minutes to be responsible and slip that $5 trigger lock on and leave the magazine out.

Irresponsible morons like this give all gun owners a bad rap and it pisses me off. It's not a child's responsibility to know gun safety, it's the yours.

Come on people, use your damn brain.


note:   I'm aware any lock can be broken & someone can still get their hands on a firearm if they really wanted to but the point of all this locking/keeping it unloaded/safety stuff is to make it a little harder for anyone to do so.


  1. I agree! I also believe that children should be taught about guns and gun safety! I grew up in a hunting house and knew how guns worked and that they were not toys. Back then we did not have trigger locks and I never played with guns and tried to show them off.

  2. So sad to read stories like this one, mainly because like you said with "responsible adults" this could have been avoided, my heart goes to both families involved but specially to the one that lost a baby.

    I'm personally not against guns per se, but I am against stupid and irresponsible people owning them as they give "guns" a bad name with situations like this one. A gun by itself doesn't kill, somebody always has to pull the trigger.

  3. Such a tragedy! People should show a bit more responsibility!
    I know that this is maybe a cultural thing, but personally, I would freak out at the thought of a firearm in my house. But it's great that you're keeping things safe around your home!

  4. I agree, it is the adult's fault. Too many people buy guns and just leave them lying around.

  5. We used to keep ours in our dresser drawer but now that Emily is bigger we moved it to the safe.

  6. How sad. Something similar happened in Alaska when I worked at the hospital. A gun was sitting on top of a television in a house and the parents were outside in the yard a four year old got a hold of the gun and shot himself and died. No charges. It was a "tragic accident". BS. It's not an accident when you leave your loaded gun on top of a TV for anyone to reach it.

  7. I totally agree. What's even more sad is that sometimes kids figure it out anyways. I watched this study where they had families who were totally responsible gun owners, and they even had their kids go through gun safety and they were really great. Well, they put a mix of these kids in with the kids who didn't have a clue into a room and had a gun in a toy box. It was the gun safety kids who pulled it out and were showing the others what it was, etc and it was set to accidentally go off. Scary. So now as a parent, I always ask if the house my kids are going to has guns and if they say yes, my kids don't go over there. Over the top? Maybe. But nothing trumps one kid wanting to show off to another kid and that's just life.

  8. AGREED! We are proud gun owners also and I agree it's just lazy to not do those things. I sometimes wonder if people should have to take more tests to show that they do, in fact, know how to responsibly store a gun when there are children (or anyone, really) around.


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