Monday, April 15, 2013

I Still Party Like A Teenager

We had our first official adult get together at the new place this weekend. I say first only because my parents having stayed over a few weeks ago doesn't count since they're not cool.

It was fun, watched The Avengers (which was kinda lame, IMO), the UFC fight and talked a bit. All of the people there were Rusty's coworkers which probably should've been a little awkward for me but it wasn't. Goes to show I get a long most with people who have zero expectations from me.

I've never been much for hosting; most of the time I plop by butt on the couch with my phone in hand & dont move unless something's burning or I get an ass cramp. Rude? Meh, probably.  But I'm not a people person and when I do try I only come off as awkward by telling them how I'd just farted where they're now sitting or something like that.

One thing that I definitely learned from this weekend is that our type of adult get together's don't stray far from those I had back in Jr High school as these were the key components to a great night:
  • Ruffles with sour cream & onion dip
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Beer
  • Girl talk -  But not the hair & nails type. This was the dudes & a kick ass lesbian discussing all the hot  Hollywood red heads.
  • Gossip
Guess it's true, we never really grow up, we just get older.


  1. I guess growing up is overrated anyway.

  2. I remember during formal dances in high school, my fat friend and I would crash at my house and eat junk food the entire night and talk about how guys are stupid anyways. Until our senior year when we both had boyfriends and we totally did the formal dances and made fun of the losers at home. Kept it classy, even then.

  3. mmmmmmm, I'm all about the Ruffles with sour cream & onion dip! That's my kinda party!

  4. You don't like The Avengers?! :( :( :(

    I'm not much of a people person either. I try to make myself busy in the kitchen, but I think I just end up making everyone uncomfortable by pushing food at them like an Italian grandmother.

  5. Even at 22, my friends and I sit around and watch disney movies and complain about boys. lol. I appreciate it though. Although we may get wiser with age, I'm never above belting out a Disney song.

  6. I was really hoping you were talking about Girl Talk the board game... no such luck, haha.

  7. halp. ruffles and onion dip is the bomb.
    or cheesies and onion dip.
    OR sour cream and bacon ruffles and onion dip.
    I'm sorry were you talking about anything other then onion dip here?


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