Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bad Accents & Coiffed Hair...Ick.

The best way to start the work day? By watching Netflix's Hemlock Grove biotches. Don't know why I'm so hooked to this damn show, Famke Jenssen's English accent is absolutely horrendous.

Almost makes your ears bleed. Ick.

Regardless, it's still got me by the brain gonads & I'm just hoping the damn thing isn't a giant let down in the end.

You know what is a bit of a let down though? This.

We've all seen his potential to be hot as fuck so why's he fighting it. I mean, no one goes to their stylist & asks for the O'Brian look. No. One.


  1. J. Timberlake's hair is starting to grow on me. Not like, literally, but well if it did I wouldn't be mad at having something of J.T. on me. He be fine, girl.

    But yeah, the first time I saw his coiffed mane I totally thought of Conan too.

  2. I can't wait to start watching that show. I'm hoping to get to it this weekend.

    Not sure what JT's dealio is, the hair has got to go!

  3. His music has gotten as bad as his hair. Personally, I'm turned off by the 'grandparents' remix in his new album. Sweet, but I switch stations when I hear his voice as of recently.

  4. Why!!! Just why. This is almost as bad as that awful perm he used to have...

  5. His hair is almost as bad as Coco's but he's still hot!

  6. I am absolutely loving Hemlock Grove as well!!!! I can't stop watching it, but I'm trying to not watch every episode in a day. I do agree with Famke's awful accent. Every time she talks I want to take an ice pick to her throat.

  7. I am still laughing about the 'O'brian look' a week later, so I thought I should tell you. That was truly hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.


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