Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. Dont think I mentioned it last week but we got the OK to move into our new apartment on Sunday, 3/31. Yay! You'd think we'd be so excited that we'd already have things packed up & ready to go but nope, that's not happening.

2. Speaking of the new apartment: damn thing's on the second floor so I suspect this will be exactly what I look like each time I grocery shopping.

3. If I could wear my comfy pajama pants at my work desk I totally would. Ok, lets be honest, if I could wear them all day long I totally would.

4. Sometimes I'll say I'm sorry just to shut someone up. I know that it might make me seem like an insincere person but there are times when I'm not sorry, I just want you off my g-damn nut-sack.

5. Rusty came home from work with a chrome vintage looking toaster & a bamboo cutting board w/strainer set. Dude is straight up awesome for knowing me so well.

6. GIRLS: Just don't know what to think about you anymore. I hate you one week and wish there was more of you the next. IMO, Sunday's season finale is what the entire season should have been; a mixture of happy/sad/hopeful feelings with a side of girly tears. Hopefully the writers will get their shit together for season 3, which is for sure happening.

7. Recently my dad's become very interested in the bible & understanding it. To each their own, I say. But this picture pretty much sums up his way of thinking when it comes to everything lately. *eye roll*

8. Hellow there, Mr. Panty Dropper. Dude's been on my radar since Boondock Saints and hauling around a bow & arrow has only made him hotter.

9. TMI warning - I'm one of those people that have to lock the door when I have "personal time", there's no way in hell I'm going to have to any toys or stuffed animals in the room...especially after seeing this. Talk about awkward.

10. I've had a stupid lingering headache behind my right eye for the past two days, making everything and everyone suck. Except for Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers.

Holy fuck, this video is creepy. Que nightmares.

* * * * 

Join the 10 on Tuesday fun & list 10 of your random thoughts for us to read. We get bored easily. Entertain us.


  1. Oh wow, I want this iPhone case. Norman Reedus is great. I was sad that you did not see him in the last episode. :(
    Haven't watched the last Girls episode yet but will probably do it tonight. The last one was so stupid and I guess that's why I was hesitant. But it seems like it's better. :) Yay!

  2. Can I just give a big AMEN to the "sorry not sorry!" I am so there right now. Sorry I don't feel bad for moving on when I've spent the last two years enduring your bullshit and condescending attitude. Get over it.

    Also. I laughed really hard at the religious thing. "Praise the Lord!"

  3. 1. That's Easter Sunday! Are you going to move then, or wait?

    2. I do this all.the.damn.time. I live on the second floor myself.

    3. Totally agree!

  4. #2 - totally me. You know, the girl with the indents on her arms wenty minutes later from the plastic bags!

  5. #2 is so me. And I don't think I can ever get enough of Norman Reedus! Panty dropper indeed.

  6. I laughed out loud at #2 and #9 :)

  7. Ah, here come the moving pains. Frack I hate moving boxes. LOL at #9.

  8. I lived on the 2nd story and would break my arms carrying everything in one trip. Until I bought a grocery bag grip. Saved my life!
    Also, I'm a huge Tom Petty fan and can't wait to see him in concert in June, but the vid is creepy as hell.

  9. holy fuck you kill me.
    everytime I read one of these I think each number is fucking hilarious and then I get to the next number and am like HOW AM I LAUGHING HARDER!
    however, #9 takes the cake this week. seriously. teddy bears don't need to see that.

    side note. SAWEET you get to move soon! I'm moving then too. it sucks.

  10. Ugh, Girls! I totally cried during the finale. They better not eff up the next season.


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