Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. Catching up on blog reading/commenting is a task that's never truly complete; much like doing all the laundry.

2. As much I adored the first season of GIRLS and enjoyed the beginning of the current one, it's just not floating my boat anymore. Hannah's acting like a fucking nut by ramming q-tips in her eardrums because of her severe anxiety and Adam over there screwing up a great relationship with a hot girl cause dude can't handle his booze. I like shows that are little wacky but this is just getting to be a downer.

3. Partners for the Perfect Night In swap are being sent out today. I'm so excited to start shopping! Hope my partner likes booze cause I'm totally sneaking some in their package :)

4. *happy dance* AMC has un-cancelled The Killing! The ratings sucked butt last season but the fans wanted it so it's back, for now.

5. Me + this weekend (and almost ever other day) =  this picture

6. I. Cannot. Fucking. Wait. For. This. So excited to see how they write Heather Graham's character back in to the story...she shouldve been the one Stew stayed married to. That young Asian chick just doesnt fit in, IMO.

7.  I don't know why it irks when people say they're their pets parent. Maybe I just dont "get it"...? I've loved a dog before but never to the point of saying I'm it's "mommy".

8. Topanga is still as hot as ever. You go girl!

9. This is so damn true. We have 3 weekends left before we have to be completely moved out and I've done nothing but box up a few of my crochet items and books. Fucking fail.

10. Besides from playing that ugly serial killer in Monster, I dont think this woman can ever look bad. She had to buzz cut her hair for the new Mad Max movie and now that it's growing back all boy-ish she still looks hot.

* * * *

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  1. I am a loyal fan of GIRLS as well, but am NOT liking this season at all. Bleh! Seriously what are the characters doing with their lives other than going crazy and doing nothing but flailing around? Not a fan at all.

  2. Topanga is awesome!

    PS--I really like your new header.

  3. Moving is such a pain in the patoot. I remember living in between boxes for weeks because I started packing early. So, your way might be the best way =)

  4. 2. I ranted on Girls too! This show is pissing me off on so many levels. I've never particularly liked any of the characters, now I just hate them all. Awful, awful, people. Can we bring back shirtless Patrick Wilson please? Now THAT I can get behind!

    3. Please tell me you'll do another swap in the not too distant future. I caught up on my reader last week, but completely forgot to sign up.

    4. YES! I heard they're going to stick to solving the murder in one season this time around. I think that's what really screwed up season two, it was dragging on for so long that I just stopped caring.

    7. I'm guilty of calling myself a pet parent, but I don't call myself mom/mommy. Gotta keep it real, I do feel like I parent to my cats; feeding, bathing, cleaning up. It never ends.

    8. Topanga is smokin' in those photos! Love her!

  5. Okay maybe I should find a copy of the Killing and watch it. Well the Danish version that is, first I had to hear about it every Monday at work, because everyone had seen it Sunday night, the second and third season they also talked about on the radio... and well I never jumped the wagon, but now I read about it on your blog as well, so maybe it's time to join in on the fun:)

  6. I love love love her short hair. Makes me want to copy her except that it's terrifying.

  7. I had never seen an episode of Girls until the other night (the q-tip episode) and I was all like, "really, this is lame." So, glad to know I wasn't alone.

    The Killing. Yep, can't wait. I don't know if you've ever watched an episode of The Carrie Diaries on CW, but one of her friends is Rosie Larsen and I totally dorked out when I realized it.

    Hate the pet-parent thing. Get a baby or shut up.

  8. 1. for sure... never ever done! It's like a drug that you love and sometiems hate all at the same time!

    3. Not joining this one ... but i wish i were! Saving every dime for a darn house stinks sometimes!

    5. Ha ha! This is how i feel when i enter my classroom almost every morning!

    7. Totally guilty of the pet parent thing. I am mama to my lil Lily! She is my first pet ever and I am a 33 yo wh loves that little fur ball like none other. I see your point completely though! Maybe you need more fur and less turtle hanging around!

    8. Topanga does still look good! And that would be the second Boy Meets World reference i have heard in the last 48 hours. Wierd.

  9. PS. Blogger fail ... i spelled my blog name wrong when i linked up my post! ha ha!

  10. I cannot wait for The Hangover III!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also, Topanga rocks.
    I love Charlize Theron. I'd love her completely bald too.

  11. TOTALLY agree about Girls this season! I am so disapointed!!

  12. 1. Agreed. It's never ending.
    6. Super pumped! I love The Hangover movies.
    7. I'm with you on this. I've had animals I cared about a lot and that I love but compared to what I feel for Lillie, not one animal has even come close.
    8. Hot Damn Topanga! I've always been jealous of her amazing hair.

  13. #6 I completely agree with what you're saying. I CANNOT WAIT.

    #8 I had to google how old she is. Dang.

    And I completely agree with #1. It's like a full-time job and I never feel like I'm "enough".

    And I never started watching Girls. It was on the list, but probably not 'til Netflix has it.

  14. Charlize Theron makes me want to buzz my hair off!!

  15. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! THe Hangover 3!! Yesssssssssssssssss!!!!

    And holy shit Topanga!!!!! Even I got wood!


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