Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. I need a new pair of black pants for work. The pair I wear now are still holding up but I'm afraid I might have to show up in a black trash bag if they ever end up getting a crotch hole or something. It's all about back up plans peeps.

2. Been there. Many times.

3. Packing is not going well. However, in my defense the MIL did come over this weekend & interrupt my sorting process. She's totally to blame.

4. Two of my favorite ladies in one movie? Yes!

5. My Nook has literally become a semi-expensive paper weight. I really need to get back into reading. Anyone have any thriller/crime novel recommendations?

6. Fellow ketchup lovers will probably be the only one's to understand why I just about jumped for joy at the possibility of this actually getting to the states.  Seriously, do you know how many times I've almost hit another car on the freeway because I couldn't get to my ketchup?!

7. Is it possible to blog your brain out? Not that I'm saying I could ever give this up, I love it/you guys too much to jump ship, but I feel like Im starting to repeat myself on here. Things need to change, like I either have to win the lottery so I can tell you all about how much better off than you I am or I need to have a kid. Maybe I'll pick up a lotto ticket when I get some gas today.

8. Dont know if I mentioned it or not, but when I went to Vegas w/Em we visited a local sex museum that had a room full of old (like 1912 kinda old) porn playing & this picture totally just brought back massive hairy bush flashbacks haha.

9. The Walking Dead: As much I loved the more personal-not-so-cluttered-with-characters episode this week, I'm really pissed I didnt get my weekly dose of Daryl. Wtf, AMC? Us girls need our roughneck eye candy dammit.

10. You guys should totally join this swap! Don't fight it, just click the cute button.

11. I was given a discount code by Kohl's to share with you guys. So if you're doing any shopping at kohls.com in the next few days, use TENFORBLOG (expires 3/9) for 10% OFF your order.

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  1. 1. You can never have too many black pants for work, I have about 3 pairs.

    6. I will be totally over this but my version is with Mayo instead (Yeah, I know I'm weird and I know it!!!).

    7. I think you are doing fine with your blogging, keep it up, good luck with the lotto!

    8. LOL, totally get that.

    Have a great Tuesday, linking back as always!!! :)

  2. Yeah, more Daryl, please!
    And I need to watch that Heat movie! I am sure it is hilarious!
    You should totally check out the thriller/crime series by Jussi Adler Olsen! I am totally fascinating! They are exciting, brutal and breathtaking!
    This is the first book of the series: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/10822858-the-keeper-of-lost-causes

  3. 1. That movie looks hilarious, I'm anxiously awaiting it.
    2. I've been saying for YEARS I don't understand why we have fake butts you can stuff in your pants but we can't get a ketchup solution for us drive thru junkies.
    3. I have Apt. 9 black pants from Kohl's and I love them long time.

  4. 1. After tearing my fave jeans in Vegas I'm now down to one pair of jeans and one pair of black pants. And no money to shop, cos, you know, VEGAS. I wish my old clothes still fit me.
    2. Me too. Many a time.
    3. I always pack the easy stuff (i.e. books) and then look at all the awkwardly-shaped things left and give up.
    4. It looks like it'll be really good or a total train wreck... I'll wait for your review!
    5. I'll see what I can find and let you know.
    6. Yeah, don't really get it. But that's more cos I don't drink pop than the whole ketchup thing.
    7. I'm a terrible blogger. I honestly only do RT most weeks. Really need to get on that.
    8. OH MY GOD YES. I prefer not to think of anyone having sex before the '90s. Big hair on head or otherwise freaks me out.
    9. Right? Also is it wrong that I really wish I was the executive producer of the walking dead now??
    10. Hmmm. Feeling kinda broke, but we'll see!
    11. Pretty sure we don't have those here. That's the weird thing about being Canadian - I pretty much assume any offer or discount code won't be useful for me.

  5. 2. I absolutely agree. I find myself in that situation way too often!
    4. That movie looks so great, they are both so funny on their own, together I don't know if I can even handle it!
    8. The thought gave me a good laugh, and made me slightly uncomfortable all in one.
    9. GAH! I love Daryl. He was supposed to be making an appearance at my school last week but it got cancelled and my heart shattered!! I would be crushed if they kill him on the show.

    Thanks again for hosting!

    Happy Tuesday

  6. 2. YES!
    3. MOST things can be blamed on the MIL.
    5. I feel so guilty when I only use mine for internet purposes!
    8. I don't think I would have the guts to to a sex museum.
    10. DONE! Can't wait to find out who my partner is!

  7. 1. Don't invest in new pants. Just buy a black sharpie and color in on your body or underwear where ever a hole happens to be. PROBLEM SOLVED, BITCH.

    4. Eff yes, I wants to see that movie. I love those bitches.

    6. Pfft, if anyone says they wouldn't use that genius ketchup design I'd be all like "Bitch, pleeeaasse"

    9. I tried watching an episode of Walking Dead this weekend [I've never seen any of them] and I'm not seeing the appeal. Is this something that I need to start at the very beginning or am I just being a bitch about it?

    12. Sometimes I overuse cuss words. I'm a bitch like that.

  8. That ketchup thing is ah-ma-zing! As a fellow ketchup luvah, I approve.

  9. Love love love #2. I feel that all the time, lol!

  10. 1. I have so many pairs of black pants. Every job I've had, it's seemed the uniform was black pants.
    5. My Nook has been the same thing. Ever since I started school.
    6. I've never been a fry dipper, but I can see how this would save many accidents from happening.
    8. Ew! Just.....ew.
    9. I have so much catching up to do with The Walking Dead. I'm lame.
    10. I signed up!

  11. I didn't bail out I swear! I got super sick after doing insanity!!! i'll definitely link up next week!! <3 Lin you rock!


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