Monday, March 11, 2013

(Some) People Are Lazy, Make It Easy For Them

As of right now I follow 138 blogs. That might seem like a lot but it's only about half as many as I had last week since I cleaned house and dumped a bunch of them that weren't posting anymore.

I'll miss you guys but if you haven't posted in over six months and I don't know you're alive via Twitter or FB, then you're pretty much off my radar. What can I say, I have a very short attention span.

Which brings me to this:

It's super rare that I'll find a new blog that holds my attention longer than the allotted 30 seconds my brain gives for new blog browsing. You have to be funny, witty, interesting, opinionated...you know, everything I am*, in order for me to decide to stick around.

On the very rare occasion, like today, when I find a blog that I want to follow but doesn't have the lazy-person-GFC button on their page, I'll go out of my way and manually add them to my reader.

But this type of shit is very rare since again, I'm ubber lazy.

My point? As ugly as the GFC button is, do yourself a favor and slap it on your sidebar for lazy ass people like me. Truth is someone might read your blog today & think you're pretty awesome but if they can't find that follow button they might just hit the road.

And while you're at it, make sure you're not an annoying no-reply blogger and make your blog mobile friendly. Can't even begin to rant about how many times I excitedly go to read a blog on my phone but can't because the page is too damn big to load. Grrr.

*this is me tooting my own horn


  1. I agree! If they don't have the follow button I definitely don't follow!

  2. i'm always shocked when bloggers don't have a twitter, actually. i just want to be able to stalk them and the no twitter thing doesn't help me.

  3. I'm in the middle of cleaning house on my following list also. It bugs me when bloggers disappear and I have no way to keep tabs on them. :(

  4. There have been plenty of times that I've come across a really interesting blog and just bypassed it because I couldn't follow on GFC.

  5. Oh I agree. I also wish GFC would let me clean out my reader but no, I keep getting the "temporarily down, try again later" error for FOUR MONTHS now. Fucking Google.

  6. not gonna lie I hate a mobile blog!
    I dunno what it is. I think it's my laziness wanting to scroll through all the posts instead of opening them one by one.


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