Thursday, March 28, 2013

Random Thursday: Top 3 Books Turned Movies...

I like you guys enough to not lie to you; this post was kind of done half assed. Not because I didn't like the topic but because I'm doing it between packing up all our crap for the move on Saturday. Seriously, someone please explain to me how I became such a clutter bug. Ick.

Alright, lets get to it.

I haven't read the book in years but watch the movie at least once a year. Love it (as you may have noticed from my email address). Not only are Audrey Heburn & George Peppard a fantastic duo in this eccentric movie but the love story always gets me; especially the part when she tries to set "Cat" free in the alley.

The book was way more enjoyable than the movie, IMO. With that said, this movie came as close to the books story line as it possibly could. There weren't too many details left out and even though some things were added it didn't alter the story. And, Emma Stone as the awkward looking Skeeter, fucking epic. 

The book was a little intense but then again so what the movie. You know what else was intense? Brad Pitt's amazingly sexy abs. Yeah, dude was smokin' hot - bruises, missing teeth, cuts and all. If you've ever read the book then you'd agree that they picked the perfect actors to play the characters, especially the suicidal nympho Marla. When it comes to the best ending though, the movie wins.

* * * * *

Alright now it's your turn. Share your Top 3 Books Turned Movies with us & link up below. Come on, we need something to read this weekend.

Next weeks topic: A Day In The Life... 


  1. Oh, I need to watch Fight Club again! Love that movie!

  2. I thought The Help was a pretty good book turned movie. Have to agree with you there.

    I haven't read or seen the other books turned movies. At the mention of Brad Pitt I think I need to read and watch Fight Club for sure!

  3. I love that you picked Fight Club, because that's my hubby's favorite movie and one of the few Brad Pitt films I can tolerate!!

  4. Yes, I totally agree on The Help! (The others I only saw the movies)

  5. i DIED for anything and everything chuck-related.

  6. While I love the movie, The Devil Wear Prada, I hated the book.

    But the topic is books turned into movies...A Walk to Remember, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Perks of Being a Wallflower. The Help was good too.

  7. The Help was SOOO good!
    I haven't read Breakfast at Tiffany's...I didn't even know it was a book! I know, shame shame.

  8. I agree with you about The Help! I was really impressed with how well they did the film adaptation.


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