Thursday, March 14, 2013

Random Thursday: Pet Peeves...

It's almost Friday...ooh yeah!

So I hope ya'll are in the mood to do some venting cause this week's topic is all about what annoys the shit out of you. I'm really excited to read all the linked up posts this week since it's me who's usually ranting & raving about stuff that irks me.

When I started making a list of all my pet peeves a few days ago I thought for sure it'd never end. Who the hell knew so many things could bother a person?! Geez. 

So instead of listing ALL of them on here and giving even more proof that I need therapy, I've decided to only list my top 6. You can thank me later.

1. Babies at movie theaters - The movie I just paid $14 to see is not a place for you & your crying child. Get a fucking babysitter or find a theater that has childcare (yes, they exist) and go there. But don't ruin my expensive movie experience and force me to be the bitch that has to shush your kid.
2. Chewing with your gullet open - Close your g-damn mouth when chewing! I don't  ever want to witness your body starting it's digestive process.
3. Talking to me in a public bathroom - Doesn't matter if you're my neighbor or my mom, when I go into a stall in the public restroom you pretend I'm in another room and can't hear you. While I'm peeing & possibly tooting is not the best time to tell me about the latest gossip.
4. Not giving up your seat - Maybe I'm old fashioned but I believe you should always give up (or at least offer) your seat to anyone who's disabled, a senior citizen or a pregnant woman. Don't be rude, get your ass up off that seat.
5. Couple sitting on same side of booth - You love one another & want to be close? Fan-fucking-tastic. But you can still do that while sitting across from one another in the booth. I know cause I do it. Also, having to turn your entire body when your talking is hella annoying.
6. Spraying perfume in public - No no no no, fuck no. My cubicle neighbor does this every day & I hate it. What makes you think I want your shitty perfume scent all up in my nostrils? I've got allergies for goodness sake!

* * * * *

Hope you'll joining the rant party & link up with us this week! Tell us, what are you major pet peeves...

Next weeks topic: My Hidden Talent(s)...

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  1. OMG! I agree about the bathroom. Once that stall doors closes, it's my time. No conversation is that important it must continue on. ESP if we are strangers!!

  2. We've never brought Em to the movies because we know she wouldn't do well there. Some people go anyway, which I think is selfish. I had no idea there are theaters with child care! Strange!

  3. Haha #5 made me laugh! I never understood why people do that! I mean, isn't it so much easier when you sit across from each other? :)

  4. I completely agree with the first five! I have had to experience each of these more than I'd like to count. The only time it is acceptable to sit on the same side of the booth as your SO is when you are group dating.

  5. I refuse to bring Lillie to the movie theatre partly because I don't want to be that parent but mostly because I want to watch the fucking movie too. If you're entertaining your own kid while watching a movie you're lucky to even catch 50% of it. Eff that.

  6. I loved this week's topic (probably too much) my list was getting long too so had to narrow it down slightly ...

    All of the above things you have mentioned annoy the crap out of me! Great peeves!

  7. Preach it, sista! Totally agree with all of them.

  8. there should be a sign when you enter the bathroom telling everyone that talking is not permitted!

  9. I wish babies weren't allowed at the movie theatre. The last thing I want to hear is a screaming baby.

    Haha yes about the couples at a booth!

  10. We sooooooo sit on the same side of the booth! But I'm not ashamed of it. Also, it's not the end of the world if we end up sitting across from eachotger either. I still love the e-card though. Haha!

  11. I hate it when I'm in a public restroom and my neighbor answers their cell phone. Seriously!!!!

    I must admit sometimes I'm guilty of #5, for no other reason than there's something interesting going on across the restaurant and the hubby and I want to put our heads together to quietly mock it without anyone overhearing us. (Yes, I'm a terrible person.) Or that's how close we have to sit to hear each other over someone's crying baby. Sadly, there are actually great restaurants, movie theaters and other businesses in our town that we won't frequent anymore specifically because of the crying baby problem. It really ruins a night out.

  12. Okay, yeah. I have four kids and even I hate it when people bring their babies to the theater. Especially when it's a completely inappropriate movie. I went to see Le Mis and saw one of my six year old's classmates with her mom. Uh, hi. Have you not ever seen this movie before because...KIDS DIE YOU MORON!

    I am also completely with you on giving up your seat.

  13. your rants are my favourite. period.
    I agree with each of these especially the booth one.
    saw a couple doing it at Wendy's once. Wendy's. how fucking romantic is that...

  14. Back when I worked in an office I started to dread going to the bathroom because I knew I wouldn't be able to pee in peace. There were two stalls for like 50 women so there were always people in there and they just couldn't keep their mouths shut. Nor could they understand the concept of a locked stall door. Because they would try to open it. Then knock. Like what I am I going to do, answer it?

  15. driving behind buses, leaving cupboard doors open, and when someone takes my toothpaste out of the drawer I keep it in and puts it ANYWHERE else

  16. I totally agree with you on #2 and #3 but as for #5, sadly I am a culprit of this at times. It's totally gay but we do it sometimes. You can hate on me now, lol!

    Hope you are well. I have been so out of the blogging circuit.


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