Thursday, March 21, 2013

Random Thursday: My Hidden Talents...

Not only do I love this link-up cause it's fun and I get to read all your cool posts but also because it reminds me that I'm one day closer to not having to wake up before the birds. Bullshit, I tell ya.

You know what's not bull? This weeks topic:

lordy lordy lordy...this was a doozy. I'm not saying I dont have talents but I guess they're just so deeply hidden that not even I can see them. Or as Rusty told me, my talents are just so awesome that they all show & I have none that are hidden haha.

So, the last week's been pretty much spent with me racking my brain about what I could possibly write or vlog about to blow your minds with. Yeah, I wanted to be as cool as Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club with the lipstick thing but that didn't happen. Apparently my neck's too fat or inflexible or both.

 My only choice was to get creative and find a loophole in this shit, so here we go:

Reciting random movie scenes.
Granted, Harry Potter isn't one of them. This picture's just the only one that had anything to do with reciting movies. If you spend enough time with me you'll actually witness me randomly quoting movies or reenact little scenes throughout the day. It's mostly done when my younger brother's around cause the dude's as big of a movie buff as I am...especially when it comes to Pineapple Express and South Park (Casa Bonita is my favorite place in the world!).

Making awkward moments even more awkward.
As if the awkwardness wasn't already noticeable in certain situations, I have a tendency to state "well, that was fucking awkward" out loud after witnessing it. You know, just in case anyone missed it.

Baking frozen cookies like a champ.
Homemade cookies? Yeah, not happening. Bring on the Tollhouse frozen cookie dough cause this girl can bake the shit out those!

Shelling out the sarcasm.
I'm a great friend, sincere and sweet, but every other word out of my mouth drips with sarcasm. I gotta say this one might actually be legit talent cause it's hard work being this good at snarky & sarcastic.

* * * *

Join the Random Thursday fun by telling or showing us via a vlog what your "hidden talents" are. Don't forget to link up so we can check you out and leave you amazing comments.

Next weeks topic: Top 3 Books Turned Movies...


  1. Oh yeah, I can be pretty sarcastic too. And I have realized that a lot of people can't stand that.
    I like to recite movies too. :)

  2. I read today that people who use sarcasm are smarter than other people. And that people who associate with sarcastic people are smarter too.

    Thank you for making me smarter.

  3. Rusty is the best. And totally right. I could list them, but then I'd never stop typing and my fingers might fall off.
    #s 1 and 2 - totally with you. There are some movies I'm pretty sure I could recite from start to finish. #3, thanks, now I'm hungry. Seriously. Stomach growling 'n' everything. #4 and this... this is why I love you so much! xo

  4. That awkward gif made me laugh out loud. I watched it several times. I'm pretty good at that too. I tend to look around the room while having a conversation. When I'm talking to someone I'm not totally comfortable with, if they keep staring me in the eye, I start babbling. It's awful, really.

  5. Oh yes, sarcasm is a talent. And I identify with the movie scenes one too! My hubby and I have a lot of inside jokes based around this.

  6. Lol at the awkward high five thing. So funny. And you get bonus points for the Friends picture!

  7. OMG, the hand shake gif!! That is my life in a nutshell. Love it.

  8. Hubby and quote movies all the time! "What's that from?!" is my favourite game!

    Oh, and YAY Friends!

  9. Um, I definitely quote Harry Potter and none of my friends are fans so I just look like a fool haha

  10. Holy shit, I think I love you.

    I am the most sarcastic & painfully awkward person you'll ever meet.

    I have to get in on this link up....is it hidden talents or different stuff each Thurs?


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