Thursday, March 7, 2013

Random Thursday: Favorite Childhood Memory...

Woohoo another fab week of Random Thursday

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This week's topic has us using our brains to go back in time...

I'd like to say I sat at the computer and immediately remembered what my favorite childhood memory was but I can't because I didn't. Truthfully I'm having a really hard time remembering anything past an hour ago :/ Old age is a bitch y'all.

I suppose I have a few great childhood memories though.

Yes, those are beds in a tent. No, that's not one of my actual camping pics. I wish. When we were kids our parents did take us camping to places somewhat like this though. I remember there being a big swimming pool, running water and electricity at every camping station, and best of all there were full bathrooms. During these trips in the not-so-secluded woods I got to spend a lot time getting to know both my parents and took a lot hikes with my pops. Dude can move like a damn ninja when he hears a rattle snake.

Cabbage Patch Kids Adoption Center
This is probably my most favorite memory of all. Seriously, I was just raving about this place to Rusty the other night; dude probably thought I was nuts cause I was going on & on about a Cabbage Patch hospital haha. My mom took me to this place in the early 90's, I was probably about 7 or so and I got to "officially" adopt my doll, check it's vitals - including listening to it's little itty bitty heartbeat, and buy it diapers and new flashy outfit. Woot! Dream come true? I think definitely yes.

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  1. I have never heard about a Cabbage Patch hospital but I am sure I would have loved it if anything like that would have existed in Germany!

  2. WHAT? There was a Cabbage Patch Kids adoption center?

  3. I remember when my mom brought me home my first CPK. She was on a business trip and brought red head back for me name Ursula. And then just in 2008, my mom came with me to pick out the CPK I have now.

  4. That camp picture is awesome! That's my kind of camping. :)

  5. bahaha love the asterix after the giveaway shoutout.
    ps. thank you so much for that!!!

    also, what the hell is a cabbage patch adoption centre and why was I never brought to one!
    I don't think I ever owned one before. my aunt had a bunch (they were her grown up kids, she's not a crazy person who collects dolls) and I remember playing with them but I never owned one.
    my family went 'camping' a couple times too. thankfully it was at a campground in a borrowed RV close to the bathrooms... we really lived in the wild..

  6. I never went to the adoption center, but I was (and still sort of am) attached to my Cabbage Patch doll. I specifically have fond memories of taking her by the legs and beating my brother with her hard head. I assure you he deserved it.


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