Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pageview Whores; I Hate 'Em

There's a lot of things that get under my skin. A lot. Like, it's no wonder I have a gazillion grey hairs and frown lines like 50 yr old.

These things are pretty much anything  from uncapped sharpie's to people leaving their dogs in the car with the windows only being cracked a few centimeters on a hot ass day. Annoying & uncool.

Lately the thing that's really been chapping my hide, as I would imagine rancher's say, is when a blogger links her blog in a link-up linky that she hasn't or doesn't ever participate in. Last week it was a chick linking her lame blog that showed her naked toddler playing in the kitchen ( that's a whole other rant right there) to Random Thursday and then a wannabe fashion blogger linking herself to 10 on Tuesday. Those weren't the only instances either, I swear I have to delete at least 1 or 2 unrelated posts a week.

What's the deal yo, can't you get page views on your own? Oh that's right, you can't cause you're lame and pathetic.

Almost as pathetic as paying for a handy-jay.


  1. Amen to that sugar! I can't stand those who enter giveaways and lie about what they did. It's like they don't realize I can take a look back and review this shit!

  2. Oh yeah, I have seen that too! I usually try to visit all the other Ten On Tuesday Or Random Thursday posts and it always annoys me when I find some completely unrelated posts. I don't care. That is just rude!

  3. Oh dear lord, I so want to know whose blog that was hahaha! How annoying! I totally agree with you!

  4. You're kidding?! How rude!
    And I can't imagine what type of person leaves a sharpie uncapped.

  5. I've clicked through a few linkys thinking I was going to see other posts on the given topic and instead I just found random blogs...it's rude, and it's also disappointing. Those are the bloggers who give others a bad name. :(

  6. Can we make t-shirts that say "Link-up Police" & get tasers & show up at these jerks homes? I'm really good at throat punching. Just saying.

    Like seriously. Please say yes. This would be so much fun.

  7. Hi Linny. While I don't have any naked toddler pictures, I admit to submitting a link of an unrelated post, and sincerely apologize.

    A lot of beauty and fashion bloggers I have interacted with over the past 6 years host open link ups. When I first saw your post as "link up," I immediately thought it was one of them, and in an overzealous state of mind, submitted my blog.

    My message here is that I sincerely apologize, and it won't happen again.

    1. Bravo! Any girl that can admit she's done wrong is a-ok in my book. It takes a lot of guts and I thank you from the bottom of my fabulous heart for coming on here & being civil and not in-your-face about it :)

    2. you rock for this comment! mistakes happen and you admitting it makes you awesome.

  8. LOL! Agree, that is just not cool, I love to link up with you when I can but will NOT link just to get page-views that is just sad and stupid!

  9. Wow! This post is awesome! And what is even more awesome is that you got someone to fess up to it! Awesome!

    I bet you cannot push that delete button hard enough when this happens to all of your link ups! So frustrating!


  10. LAME. You know what's NOT lame? I went to Evil Dead the musical and sat in the "blood splash zone" and thought of you...in the most non lesbian zombie way possible. xo


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